When is it done?

In the typcial ebb and flow of business, i’ve been crazy busy for a while with deadlines and projects and to-do lists….but now find myself in a quiet time. The quiet time is simultaneously scary, paralyzing and welcome. i’m a person who functions well under pressure and on a schedule, so i really have to work to maximize my “down time” and actually get things completed. To that end, i decided i’d work on a personal collection i’ve been envisioning for a while. It’s a series of soft, loose watercolor portraits with some of my sketchy pencil/ink sketches overlaid on top.

Here is the watercolor portrait practice i posted recently…stage 1, if you will….no sketched bits added yet….


See, to me, it is not finished.

It COULD be finished. It’s a portrait alright. But to MY vision…it is still incomplete. I haven’t yet fully realized my goal.

i often post works in progress because 1) i like sharing process, 2) people usually enjoy seeing them (i know i love watching other artist’s process pics!) and 3) for practical reasons. i’m not always popping out finished artwork every day, so sharing progress is a good way to stay in touch when i have lots of half-baked artworks going and nothing complete to share : )

Here’s the thing; folks on social media who see a work in progress will often tell me to “STOP!!! Call it done! Put down the brushes and pens, lady!” And trust me, i get it!! i often hear these very same phrases in my OWN head, truth be told! But deciding when an artwork is done is sort of a tricky business. Is it done when it looks “pretty enough?” Is it done when the majority of people you show it to say it’s done?Is it done when you get a “feeling” that it is? Is it done when it matches what you had in mind? hmmm…..

Being a working artist who obviously wants to sell my work, do i listen most intently to the folks who support me and my business? Their input is super important to me! i mean, i certainly respect and am grateful for these folks. i wouldn’t exist in this career without them! So, i sure do hope that the art i make is something they love.

Or do i listen to the small voice in my head that says….”hey, remember that idea you had before you fell asleep the other night? Don’t you want to find out how that would turn out? Don’t you want to follow through on your creative vision?”

Agh! What is the answer!?

Is there only one right answer?

i could go ’round in circles for days wondering on this one….and i have. On the one hand, i don’t want to water down my artistic point of view. But on the other hand, i am mindful that getting to make art everyday for my business is a blessing, and it IS as much a business as it is a creative exercise.

So, having said all this, i think i’ve come to the conclusion that:

- client work is a careful blend of my vision and the client’s heart – so mutual agreement and respect about done-ness is a-ok in those situations. i mean, one of my favorite things to do with my art is take on commissions that help folks tell their story…i can’t do that from inside myself and without input. Sharing that experience with a customer feels like nothing else.

- but, personal work has to be guided by my inner voice, and i have to feel free to try whatever i’m feeling…even if it doesn’t work out…..even if i “wreck it.” : )  i don’t ever want to stop at the “safe” stopping point just because i was afraid to try the new idea or wacky technique….or just because i thought the safer route would sell well, etc. That would kill my spirit.

So i guess my conclusion is that there is no ONE way that is always right, at least for me. There is a little room for wiggle.

What do you all think? Is there room for wiggle when calling your art “done?” Is it lacking authenticity if your customer helps in the decision making? Or is that part of the beauty?

i really want to hear! : )


This is the summer of workshops, i suppose!

i recently wrapped up my very first online painting workshop, called Layers of Color. That was intense! And registration is now open for a fun kids Doodle Days series this summer. These have prompted quite a few requests for a character drawing workshop to come next. So here it is!

i LOVE drawing characters and it is absolutely my go-to art form when i’m sitting on the couch or waiting in the car while one of the kiddos finishes a “car nap.” Faces are just the best inspiration out there…and if i’m being really specific, KIDS’ faces. The wide eyes, lashes, and button noses with a sprinkle of freckles? They kill me : )

So in this series, i’ll be showing you through words, step-by-step images, and a few fun speed-drawing videos, how i build a character. You’ll be seeing me create in pencil, in my own sketchy style. Scan through my instagram page for all the faces and character sketches i post. It’s not an anatomical figure drawing class, folks! : ) It’s pretty loose and whimsical. You’ll be seeing characters like these come to life…

There will be 10 lessons. Each lesson will include pencil-drawn character sketches whose completion will highlight a certain “focus.” For example, i will draw a cute mother and daughter duo to highlight the differences in proportion between adult and child figures. In another lesson, i’ll draw a few precocious children to highlight how to achieve different facial expressions. There will also be a lesson focused on drawing hands,  feet, and hair. Those are always toughies that people ask about.

There will be a touch of whimsy in a few of the lessons where i’ll draw an animal character, a fairy, and a little monster. And a useful lesson is included on how you can draw a character whose face is loosely based on a photo.

Finally,  i’ll include a little insight on developing your own unique style as you go.

LAUNCH DATE: June 30, 2014

STRUCTURE: This workshop is being offered via a password-protected page on my website. All lessons will be accessible from day 1.

It is self-paced. Work your way through the lessons in whatever time-frame you like.

ACCESS to the Classroom Page and associated videos is UNLIMITED. Once you are registered, you can always come back and login

Cost: $48

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Making a New Studio

Construction photos are likely boring to everyone but me, i know it!! But windows and doors and such happened today, and i get excited by small things. Promise i won’t post any other photos til the new studio is done, and there are more interesting things to see. Maybe by then all the grass will be filled back in too.

See my boys in the left photo? They are checking out the peaked ceiling which is maybe my favorite part. The top right shows the doors on the backyard side which will let me see the kids playing while i work. We will put an awning and little patio wrap-around there eventually. The last photo shows our little house looking a wee bit wider now with the studio on the far left. The front studio window is slated to have a little window seat so i can be like Pearl on 227 and see all the comings and goings of the mailman and visitors and such ; ) i’m nosy like that.

Summer Doodling Program for KIDS!

Introducing my first Kids-Geared Doodle Program just in time for summer vacation! What a fun way to keep your kids using that creative right-brain all summer long! And i don’t know about your kiddos, but mine love when i tell them an email has come through just for them.

Kids are so proud when they can create impressive artwork on their own. Once the doodles are done, get creative with your kids! Have an end of summer art show, scan their work and have it printed on t-shirts, or decoupage their favorites onto frames for grandma or their teacher.

Here are the details for Doodle Days of Summer!

-Each Monday from June 9 thru August 25, 2014, (12 weeks) you will receive an email with a printable DOODLED coloring page, and a URL link & passcode to watch an online video tutorial teaching how to draw that week’s doodle. Kids can press pause as often as they need to, and go back to review as well. The video will also include a super fast-warp speed section showing me creating the doodle start to finish by hand. Those are always a blast to watch! The coloring page can be used as a tracing page also if your kids want a bit more help & practice. Just use a lightbox or tracing paper.

-Videos will be hosted on a private Vimeo page online.

-You will have UNLIMITED! password access to all videos

-$25 per household/family so siblings can all participate.

****Please note: if you are a camp administrator, scout leader, or teacher and would like to purchase for your group, please contact me for group pricing. i am happy to provide it!

-REGISTRATION HAS BEEN REOPENED!!! due to popular demand. Wow. Thanks guys!! Feel free to register at any time and i will personally send your missed weeks from my own email account, then you will get future week’s emails automatically. (There may be a delay getting your backlogged emails since i have to do it manually. But it will absolutely be no longer than 24 hours and hopefully much quicker.)

i’ve created a free printable example for you! (just click the image below) You can expect the weeklies to have about this level of detail. But each of the 12 weeks will have a different theme. This one was CIRCLES. Also planned are: Flowers, Robot, Surfboard, Monsters, Birds, Letters and more!

i’ve also included a little teaser video that shows  a portion of what the tutorials will be like, so that you can gauge whether the program will be appropriate for your little artist. FYI – Beta testing provided by my 8 year old son was a success! : ) Full length videos will feature the warp speed drawing section with upbeat music, PLUS the slowed down tutorial screen capture section with voice-over as i move through each step. Click the image below to view the video example on Vimeo.

Looking forward to creating with lots of great kiddos this summer!! THANKS!

***note – please be aware when purchasing that your paypal email address is the one where lessons will be sent unless noted otherwise.

Register Now!  $25.00USD
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that post with the personal stuff in it…

i don’t usually write a lot of very personal stuff in my blog. But i feel compelled to write just a teeny personal entry today.

I’ll be blunt. This week kind of stunk.

It was full of small problems; parenting challenges, ear-achey baby, impromptu teacher conference called for the 2nd grader, sudden attachment disorder cropped up from the 3 year old that led to some pretty stellar screamfests for no good reason. Out of whack sleep patterns because of daylight savings time, potty-training cleanups galore(blech!), and much, much more, as they say on the game shows. It was – challenging. i may have thrown my hands up and cried a little once….ok, twice. And that is not like me.

But today we got a crushing bit of news from sweet mr. tax man (ah, don’t you just love tax season?) and it’s going to put my studio build on hold while i rob Peter to pay Paul. Disappointing, deflating setback. But even still – i was keeping it together. i was breathing in and out and everything! But then, just a few moments later, i found out one of my original paintings got lost in transit to a dear customer. That was the last straw. i lost my marbles. It was not a proud moment.

And as much as that’s all tragic and such…none of it is what made me want to write a blog post just now. i mean, i realize these things happen, Murphy’s Law, the Law of Threes and all. Happens to the best of us, right?

No, what made me want to write was that a lovely conversation with a customer – who could’ve been mad as heck (but wasn’t) and could’ve made my week a thousand times worse (but didn’t) -  occurred.

It was the perfect example of how to show grace, and perspective, and friendship, and compassion.

Said customer knew i didn’t WANT or INTEND for her painting to be lost. (i actually shipped it to her old address before a recent move, because i’m so brilliant and on the ball. New residents must’ve taken delivery and kept it. Nothing we can do. Tried everything all afternoon. Totally uncool!)

ANYWAY!!!! By the end, she was somehow comforting ME??! What the what?? Isn’t that the exact kind of person ya’ll want to BE? It put everything into perspective for me.Whole new outlook on the big, stinky week.

i am, in reality, a pretty lucky person. i know that. i just forgot for a millisecond there. And i know the world will not come to an end because i will temporarily have a lighter wallet, and a delayed start to our home improvement project. Ridiculously far worse things have happened. i mean, really. i’m embarrassed by myself. But i’m human….i lost the plot for a moment. It’s ok. i forgive myself.

Bottom line is; my customer didn’t know her missing delivery was the capper on my mini nervous breakdown. But she was kind to me just the same and it made all the difference. i hope i always show this to others as well.

“Be kind to everyone you meet because you never know what battles people are fighting.”

So that’s it….a personal blog post just so i can share about my wonderful customer/friend. The world is better because you are in it, T. : )

What’s New


So much is in the pipeline for this spring, i thought i’d share a little.

i’m doing a juried art show in april at Historic Yellow Springs, here in Chester County, PA.  Busily painting for that as we speak. A bunch of new licensed products have hit stores recently, including these doodle book spinoffs.

i’ve also been hard at work designing lots of items that you guys will see available in shops in 2015. More details on that later!

My first ever online workshop, Layers of Color, starts on April 7. So i am VERY busy getting all the content up and running for that. Please join in! It will be a very loose, self-guided worskhop delivered via blog posts, step by step photos and videos on a password protected section of my site. The workshop basically shares all my favorite supplies, techniques, and ways that i lay down color and texture in my signature style. No experience is needed to play along. And you have access to the posts for a full year after the 6 week session is finished. $75. Read more & SIGN UP HERE!!

Some fun collaborations are upcoming with 2 wonderful artists; Stephanie Fizer Coleman and Jenny Alexander. Those will be posted very soon!

I’ve also been working on lots of new commissioned pieces, which is always so rewarding. Portraits, screenprint designs like the one above, logos and canvas paintings have all been heading out the door. If you’d like to chat with me about a special project; check out the basics here, shoot me an email at artist@stephaniecorfee.com, or post a comment on this page and i’ll get back to you lickety split!

One bit of super-exciting news is that my husband and i will be breaking ground in about a month or so to build a new studio space onto our house. I’m hogging the first floor master right now as my workspace, but since we added our third little boy last april, it’s apparent that we need to make some room. We’ve been saving our pennies and plan to do much of the finishes and electrical (hubby is an electrician) ourselves, so i’ll be making a new series of blog posts in the warmer months to document the creation of this project. i am soooo excited, but also super nervous to take this big step. agh!

i can’t think of anything else right this second. Daylight savings is making me so happy for longer afternoons in the sunshine. Spring is finally trying to break through the waist-deep snowfall that slammed us this winter. My last little baby turns one next month. Finally, all the kiddos are feeling better and off their daily breathing treatments, There is just an overwhelming sense of hope and anticipation of what the year will bring.

i’ll leave you with a favorite sketch i made this weekend that is a sneak peek to some VERY different painting work i’m going to be doing in the coming months….enjoy!!

xo, s

My Favorite ARt Materials

All in one place, with links! Here is a list and little bit of commentary on my favorite art materials, folks! If you are taking part in the Layers of Color Workshop starting in April, this is a great reference. You don’t need to rush off and buy anything though. My advice would be to grab some basics and then read the posts/watch the videos. If you see a technique, tool or material you think looks awesome, go for it! But you likely won’t want to try absolutely everything you see. Listen to your gut and just work with the items that excite you!

I’ve broken it down into parts bc i work lots of different ways. Hopefully, this will organize things nicely.

Drawing & Sketching

Paper – i sketch on printer paper all the time. Cheap and readily available. It’s nice when it’s not precious. You sorta feel more free to be imperfect. i also keep proper sketchbooks of all kinds, none better than the rest to me. Now, for artwork, i am more specific. For sketching portraits, i like Canson Mi Tientes paper or Strathmore Bristol. i use the Canson in mid-tones for chalk & charcoal facial portraits. It has a light weight but nice texture for the portrait to give it a very timeless appearance.  The Bristol is good for slicker, modern, fun ink drawings and doodles. It’s smooth vellum surface takes smooth ink lines and vivid color from markers, colored pencils very well.

Pens – i use Pigma Micron pens and Faber-Castell Pitt artist pens for all my ink drawings. i use all the nib sizes, but love the teeniest ones best for my intricate doodles. The brush tip is great for adding line weight when i do cartoons.

Pencils – Oh lord….i like pencils a lot. i use mechanical pencils for my sketches because i like a constantly sharp tip. i buy them at Staples in bulk, because they are always disappearing from my office! For finished artwork, i use Derwent Graphite pencils. i have this set and use almost every hardness when i do a shaded portrait. i start with a super sharp H and work my way up to the softest 6B for adding depth. It’s a great set if you’re into shading. I have the big set of Prismacolor colored pencils. My favorites get replaced individually when i can’t hold the nub anymore. i keep them in these handy cases. Last set of faves is my Derwent inktense pencils. They are water-soluble and full of color! Imagine drawing a whole picture, then being able to go back and make your colored pencil drawing look like a watercolor painting…yeah, kinda like that.

Miscellaneous – i always keep tracing paper on-hand, for tracing off nice clean images from my messy sketches. i also keep little swatches of it under my drawing hand when using graphite or pastel so i don’t smudge it all up. i also can’t live without my lightboxes. i have a laptop-sized one with a curved edge so you don’t dent your paper by leaning on it accidentally. And i have a huge tabletop one. i transfer drawings with it, i use it when i’m watercoloring letters so i don’t need a pencil outline….love it.


Paper – i keep cheaper brands on hand for quick studies and sketches, but i will admit to preferring Arches and Fabriano papers for any finished work. They are pricier. i wince when i buy them. But the way they take color and allow you to lift color….oh man, you can really tell the difference. It’s like magic. i love the toothy look of cold pressed papers. i feel like they really scream WATERCOLOR! But the velvety refinement of hot press is nice sometimes too. i always remember my art teacher telling us that we should imagine an iron….if it’s cold, it won’t get all the bumps out (cold press = bumpy paper)…if the iron is hot, all the wrinkles come out (hot press= smooth paper). i also watercolor right in my sketchbook all the time. i just don’t do any floods of water which would overly warp the pages. A little warping is ok : )

Paints – ummm….i sort of collect watercolor paint. So maybe i should just share my absolute faves? For dry pan sets, i like this 36-pan set by Talens Angora and this 24-pan one by Koi which is good for travel. For intense color, i add in bits and bobs of other stuff like dyna-flow fabric/textile paint, liquid watercolors from Dr. Ph Martins and Derwent Inktense water soluble pencils (also mentioned above). i don’t use tube watercolors very much anymore, but they are fine too! Lastly, i like to do overlays with white and other semi-opaque colors a lot, so i have a nice set of Holbein Artist’s gouache handy. I have whole set of colors in tiny tubes because you don’t need much! Then i have a large tube of white because i use it a lot. (loosely translated, Gouache=opaque watercolors)

Brushes – i like these brushes by Kuretake for travel or for watercolor sketching on the couch or in bed….places i don’t want a jar of water cramping my style : ) Their handle is actually a water reservoir that you access by squeezing. My kids think they’re fun. But i have a zillion traditional brushes too and prefer round or taper brushes most of the time, sable bristles or synthetic. Proper watercolorists like flat brushes for color fills, i think…but i rarely use mine. i also really like itty bitty detail brushes and also liner brushes that have long, bendy bristles for loops and lines.

Miscellaneous – Keep lots of paper towels handy. i fold 2 or 3 and tuck the edge under my water jar. Always lots of blotting going on! Blue painters tape is always handy to me also. i always muck up my paper with traditional masking tape, so the blue stuff saves me wrecking my paintings. Masking tape is stronger though, so use what you like.


Canvas – i like artist canvas in the deep profile from utrecht. i use squares 90% of the time. i have no idea why! i am just drawn to them. i DO buy bulk packs of low profile cheapo canvas from the craft store to mess around on when i’m experimenting or working with my kids. But honestly, you can’t really mess up a canvas. If you hate your painting, just paint over it! So i say get the size/depth/quality you like and go for it.

Paints – Acrylic paints – another obsession. Plan to take a bit of time when you are building up an arsenal of acrylics, because it’s easy to go broke! i buy a couple every time i’m in the art store and then do bigger purchases online at blick or utrecht. 80% of the time, i use fluid (or soft body) acrylics. They are the consistency of heavy cream. i use Golden and Liquitex. i do own heavier body acrylics that hold their shape more (in tubes). i have craft store brands,  student grade brands, and also Liquitex BASICS, Windsor & Newton Galeria and Amsterdam. But i mostly just use these to lay down broad areas of color for backgrounds, especially on large canvases. i don’t like to build up texture, just not my thing, so the fluids are my go-to. Last thing! Paint pens. Liquitex acrylic paint pens and Montana paint pens (smaller nib sizes) are great if you are not so steady with the liner brush and want to add doodles and thin linework to your paintings.

Brushes – For backgrounds, i like big, soft, fluffy round brushes that really hold a lot of paint and blend well. For mid-layers, i generally use 1/2″ to 1 1/2″ flat brushes – filbert(rounded) or square bristles. For top details, i use liner brushes and smaller, long-handled filberts most often. These are all preferences based on the shapes and strokes i like to make. But lord knows you should experiment and use whatever feels good to you. There are 8 gazillion brushes out there! If i could only have 2 brushes, i’d want my 1/2″ filbert long handle and a #6 round brush short handle.  But thank goodness that’s not the case! : ) i generally like soft synthetic bristles or soft natural bristles like sables. But natural, stiffer bristles are nice sometimes when i want to do a bit of texture-y/scratchy brush work.

Miscellaneous – i love my grey paper palette. i HATE cleanup, so paper palettes are my favorite. Tear off your mess and toss it. The grey kind helps mix dark and light color values bc it gives you a perfect middle tone to compare to. Again, paper towels! A good adjustable spray bottle like this. You can mist your canvas surface to keep paint moist and help mix colors. you can spray a stream of water to cause drips. You can mist your palette to keep paint from getting a skin. i love having this rolling cart to hold paints and this rolling table for my other side to hold my palette and water bucket and brushes. Is lighting a supply? Because you really need good light. sit by a window if at all possible. My electrician husband has also hooked me up with all kinds of extra lights and i have a full spectrum Ott light from my sewing days that i use on particularly dreary days too. It’s not an artist’s light, per se. But i find it really useful.

Additional must-haves in my studio: TV! i like to watch crime shows and sitcoms while i paint. Music usually makes me feel too lonely. i know….i am weird! If it’s a nice, sunny day and my windows are open, that’ll be the exception. Those days are so cheery to begin with, music is ok ; ) A chair. i also think this might be weird? i almost always sit at my easel rather than stand. Camera and tripod; i take high res photos at background and mid-stages of my paintings. Then i use them when i make digital art later as fills and textures. Work smarter, not harder, people! Multi-tasking is my middle name.

OK! i think i listed every darned thing. If i’ve left you with any burning questions, please ask and i’ll amend the post!

Hope it is helpful!



My First Online Workshop!

Hey gang! So here are the deets on Layers of Color Workshop. i’m giving a pretty detailed summary because i really want folks to know what they’re getting and be able to make an informed decision. i get a lot of requests for me to teach how i work, so that’s what i’ll be doing here. (Don’t be surprised if you hear snippets of NCIS in the background during the videos – just kidding!) If you are looking for a formal painting class to teach traditional methods, this class is not for you. But if you want to get a sneak peek into my process and learn how you can follow along making layered artworks full of color and texture, you’re in the right place.

LAYERS OF COLOR – An Online Painting Workshop!
* This workshop is just that…a fun, informal, information-packed series of written blog posts, step-by-step photos, and demo videos. I will share my own personal methods for layering color and creating vibrant artworks. Get familiar with my style before signing on to be sure this is what you’d like to learn. I will share my personal favorite supplies, techniques and ideas. The workshop is not meant to take the place of formal art classes.

Skill-level: Beginner

Materials: (material costs are not included)
basics: water color paper, stretched, pre-primed canvas, watercolor paints, acrylic paints, white gouache, pencils, markers, pens, paintbrushes, kosher salt, crayons, masking tape, squirt bottle, paper towel, paper plates
extras: liquid watercolors, gouache paints, liquid fabric dyes, paper palette

*addendum: while there is no rigid materials list, here are some good specific starter suggestions:Strathmore Hot Press Watercolor Paper/ Talens Angora watercolor pan set/ #6 round brush and a teeny detail brush/ Cheapie Artists Loft or other store brand 12×12″ canvases in a multi-pak/starter set of small fluid acrylics Blick Brand or comparable student grade/ .5″ filbert brush/liner brush/ #6 round brush….or maybe just a multi-pak set for acrylics
paper towels, cleaned out glass spaghetti sauce jar for water/ paper plate for a palette or paper palette pad from art store

** you can read about ALL my favorite materials here.

Class Schedule: Divided by weeks/days, but self-paced class so you can follow along at any speed that is comfortable for you. : )
5 Weeks of full lessons and a final week of daily challenges and inspirations
Monday: Main Topic posts with written lessons, photos and a demo video
Tuesday-Friday:  Mini-posts and prompts to spark creativity to guide participants experimentation with each week’s lesson.

This workshop is being offered via a password-protected page on my website with participants encouraged to share their work via a Flickr Group as well if they choose.
Includes Main Topic weekly posts for 5 weeks which will each include a demo video + lots of photos and written instruction. Includes short, mini-posts each Tues-Friday to spark creativity, and implementation of the main lesson. This will help to keep you painting and experimenting throughout the 6 weeks. Painting every single day is the “not-so-secret” secret!

ACCESS to the Classroom Page and videos is UNLIMITED. Once you are registered, you can always come back and login

Basically, i will share my own process and what works for me after lots of years doing it. this will not be an “art school-follow-the-rules” kind of class. Textbook techniques are not on the syllabus, although you will hear plenty of basics about the different media, how to care for your tools, a lil color theory and the like.

Week 1: Intro & Favorite Supplies,
plus Lesson 1/ Watercolor Basics

Week 2: Acrylic Basics

Week 3: Layering every which way

Week 4: Doodling + Illustration Overlays

Week 5: Color it in!

Week 6: Theme-A-Day + Workshop Review

Cost: $95
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When there’s a lull…

Inevitably, there is a lull at the beginning of every new year. i suppose folks are retailed out from Christmas shopping. And i know personally, i am compelled to let my bank account recover after the holiday once i see my year in review during tax preparation. This lull happens every year and never lasts for long. But it still freaks me out a bit every time….like, “will i ever be overloaded with work again?”

This year, i am trying to embrace the lull to get things done that always seem to be pushed to the bottom of the to-do list. i’m making new art, experimenting with materials, updating my online portfolios and shops, submitting my work to various companies, and making lists and plans for the business in 2014.

i have been taking a few online courses of late and it has been so eye opening. It has really pushed me to think about my art business, my “signature” style (do i have one?) and the kind of artist i want to be now, and well into the future. What kind of art do i want to make? What, if anything, makes me different? What lets my individuality shine?

i’m a little bit excited, because after months of mulling these things over, daydreaming about them, and experimenting a lot, i really think i have landed on the type of work i TRULY want to create.

It has been tough. Coming from a graphic design background, i spent years working for clients who had their own very specific ideas. In one sense, it makes you stretch your skill set. In another sense, you lose your inner compass a bit. i’d fallen into a rut of thinking about the buyer too much as i was creating and second guessing my own instincts and eye and creativity (read: weirdo ideas).

Don’t get me wrong. i want to make work that people will love and want to buy. But i’d really like my purpose and vision to be distinctly my own.

…and by george, i think i’ve got it!

i think you will all be surprised by new work i begin posting in the next few weeks…..i THINK.

i hope you will like it and will share your thoughts.