This is the summer of workshops, i suppose!

i recently wrapped up my very first online painting workshop, called Layers of Color. That was intense! And registration is now open for a fun kids Doodle Days series this summer. These have prompted quite a few requests for a character drawing workshop to come next. So here it is!

i LOVE drawing characters and it is absolutely my go-to art form when i’m sitting on the couch or waiting in the car while one of the kiddos finishes a “car nap.” Faces are just the best inspiration out there…and if i’m being really specific, KIDS’ faces. The wide eyes, lashes, and button noses with a sprinkle of freckles? They kill me : )

So in this series, i’ll be showing you through words, step-by-step images, and a few fun speed-drawing videos, how i build a character. You’ll be seeing me create in pencil, in my own sketchy style. Scan through my instagram page for all the faces and character sketches i post. It’s not an anatomical figure drawing class, folks! : ) It’s pretty loose and whimsical. You’ll be seeing characters like these come to life…

There will be 10 lessons. Each lesson will include pencil-drawn character sketches whose completion will highlight a certain “focus.” For example, i will draw a cute mother and daughter duo to highlight the differences in proportion between adult and child figures. In another lesson, i’ll draw a few precocious children to highlight how to achieve different facial expressions. There will also be a lesson focused on drawing hands,  feet, and hair. Those are always toughies that people ask about.

There will be a touch of whimsy in a few of the lessons where i’ll draw an animal character, a fairy, and a little monster. And a useful lesson is included on how you can draw a character whose face is loosely based on a photo.

Finally,  i’ll include a little insight on developing your own unique style as you go.

STRUCTURE: This workshop is being offered via a password-protected page on my website.

It is self-paced. Work your way through the lessons in whatever time-frame you like.

ACCESS to the Classroom Page and associated videos is UNLIMITED. Once you are registered, you can always come back and login

Register Now!  United State Residents ONLY please.

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Cost: $30


  1. Jenn E says

    How exciting!!! Just registered/paid and can not wait until 30th June :). Girls will be on school holidays then so perfect timing :).

  2. Kathy says

    When does registration closes? I would love to join at the end of this month. 🙂

  3. says

    i use a pencil brush in photoshop so that i can do screen capture video that is clearer than traditional video camera would be. but i do not teach PS at all, it’s more about poses, proportion, facial expression.

  4. Yukari Bromfield says

    I just signed up! I love your doodling and illustration books! Your first lesson already helped me draw a mother and her child fairies sitting on a tree branch! I’m still having difficulty translating a photo to a sketch, especially the facial expressions. I guess I’ll get better with practice! Thank you!

  5. Pat Presley says

    I’m a crafter, and I’ve done everything except for drawing and/or doodling. My granddaughter is quite the artist, so I thought this might be fun for both of us. Planning to take it slowly!!

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