settling in

After a few weeks of living in limbo between 2 workspaces here in our house, i am finally all in one room. Studio and office spaces melded into one, with attached bathroom (read: brush-cleaning sink!). i hope this will make me so much more productive with everything i need organized in one spot.

But i might be even happier that my family now has my old office space to use as a den/computer room/reading room, and the boys have my old basement painting space to use for all kinds of messy crafts! Now THAT makes me smile ear to ear. Being spread out was starting to make me feel like i was taking up the whole house!

The above painting is the first one i’ve started since we got everything in place back here.

Here are some progress shots of the space if you like that sort of thing : ) i will repost purdier photos once curtains and pictures are hung and all the finishing and wire-hiding is complete.




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