inspired by kids

i have been working on a painting for a charity auction (with a little help from from my toddler) these past couple weeks. Specifically, it’s a painting for The Please Touch Museum of Philadelphia and their annual Great Friends to Kids Fundraising event. Kids are my heart. i always want to help. i always cry watching videos and reading stories about kids who are surviving against insurmountable odds and teaching us all how to get some perspective already! Right?

When in doubt….think like a kid and have joy like one.

These shots are in-progress, late-night : ) But when completed…i’ll post a lovely daylight shot : )



  1. says

    What a beautiful painting Stephanie & so sweet that you had a little helper!
    I also wanted to say “Thank-you” for all of the nice downloads you provide on LBB! They are always my favorites!
    Lisa H.

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