Tweaking Baby Rooms

i wanted to share some guest post content from a while back where i gave my thoughts on tweaking nursery and kids room decor. This one was featured on urban infant.

Do you want to create a modern baby room – something that is full of style and isn’t your typical “blue or pink?”

Here are some tips to help you create a beautiful room for your baby that also has a lot of style:

Try Pale Lilac, Instead Of Pink – I think a pale lilac is uber-feminine and fragile/dainty without being the standard requisite pink.

Grey Is An Awesome Neutral – Greys look sophisticated and “intelligent” to me. Greys are a beautifully soft, and a chic alternative to cream or tan in a modern kids room. Plus, bold colors look fantastic on a sea of grey.

Go With An Inky Blue – I think inky, violet-blue is a rich alternative to standard navy. It’s impossible for that color to look saccharine. It is serene and full of power at the same time. An inky room, with all soft pastels and frothy textures layered in, is like the baby room version of a power suit with a soft silk blouse underneath!

Make A Statement– I always like to choose one truly spectacular centerpiece for a space. That could be a great textile, a pillow, a family heirloom or toy. Its your “wow” moment. Every room can benefit from a “wow” moment and it has to be something you and your child LOVE.

Add Some Artwork – Adding a piece of artwork is a very simple and easy way to transform a room. Choose the biggest piece you can afford for the scale of the room, and you won’t have to do much else, as far as decorating goes.

Finish With A Personal Touch – Your finishing touch should be something personal. Add a family photo or a piece with your child’s name or initials.

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