that post with the personal stuff in it…

i don’t usually write a lot of very personal stuff in my blog. But i feel compelled to write just a teeny personal entry today.

I’ll be blunt. This week kind of stunk.

It was full of small problems; parenting challenges, ear-achey baby, impromptu teacher conference called for the 2nd grader, sudden attachment disorder cropped up from the 3 year old that led to some pretty stellar screamfests for no good reason. Out of whack sleep patterns because of daylight savings time, potty-training cleanups galore(blech!), and much, much more, as they say on the game shows. It was – challenging. i may have thrown my hands up and cried a little once….ok, twice. And that is not like me.

But today we got a crushing bit of news from sweet mr. tax man (ah, don’t you just love tax season?) and it’s going to put my studio build on hold while i rob Peter to pay Paul. Disappointing, deflating setback. But even still – i was keeping it together. i was breathing in and out and everything! But then, just a few moments later, i found out one of my original paintings got lost in transit to a dear customer. That was the last straw. i lost my marbles. It was not a proud moment.

And as much as that’s all tragic and such…none of it is what made me want to write a blog post just now. i mean, i realize these things happen, Murphy’s Law, the Law of Threes and all. Happens to the best of us, right?

No, what made me want to write was that a lovely conversation with a customer – who could’ve been mad as heck (but wasn’t) and could’ve made my week a thousand times worse (but didn’t) –  occurred.

It was the perfect example of how to show grace, and perspective, and friendship, and compassion.

Said customer knew i didn’t WANT or INTEND for her painting to be lost. (i actually shipped it to her old address before a recent move, because i’m so brilliant and on the ball. New residents must’ve taken delivery and kept it. Nothing we can do. Tried everything all afternoon. Totally uncool!)

ANYWAY!!!! By the end, she was somehow comforting ME??! What the what?? Isn’t that the exact kind of person ya’ll want to BE? It put everything into perspective for me.Whole new outlook on the big, stinky week.

i am, in reality, a pretty lucky person. i know that. i just forgot for a millisecond there. And i know the world will not come to an end because i will temporarily have a lighter wallet, and a delayed start to our home improvement project. Ridiculously far worse things have happened. i mean, really. i’m embarrassed by myself. But i’m human….i lost the plot for a moment. It’s ok. i forgive myself.

Bottom line is; my customer didn’t know her missing delivery was the capper on my mini nervous breakdown. But she was kind to me just the same and it made all the difference. i hope i always show this to others as well.

“Be kind to everyone you meet because you never know what battles people are fighting.”

So that’s it….a personal blog post just so i can share about my wonderful customer/friend. The world is better because you are in it, T. : )


  1. says

    Ahhhh, that is fabulous of you to shine your light on the one bright spot in your week. THAT is really what the art of living is all about.
    Cheers to better days!!

  2. Kelly says

    I love this! I love the honesty and your sweet, gentle customer. Best of luck with the potty training (ugh, I’ve SO been there), and the sleep. Sleep helps everything! Keep going!

  3. LU says

    You’re so lovely, you know that? Thanks for letting us in. And a huge high-five to a wonderful customer.

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