Room to Grow

Imagine what you could create in a dedicated studio like this! Well, its NOT mine….but it sure is part of my inspiration for a new creative space we are working on for me here in our home : )

admittedly, i am one of those people who needs to walk the walk, fake it til i make it, dress for the job/life i WANT. soooooo, having a workspace that makes me feel inspired and in the zone is high on my wish list. that said, my husband and i have been having many conversations about how to reconfigure my workspaces in our home since i am busting at the seams lately and finding it harder with the kiddos to get enough time in my current painting studio.

the decision is made. i’ll be taking over the master bedroom!! ha!

now before you start thinking i’m kicking out the king size and making my poor, sweet husband sleep on the couch in the name of art, let me explain. our house is an old cape cod with a first floor master that we’ve never used as such. its on the far left of the house, has access to a sink (you know, for rinsing brushes!) and also a great view of the backyard. this will be useful in these warmer months when my 6 year old wants to play out back instead of twiddle his thumbs in a corner while i paint for 6 or 7 hours. the space also has the potential for us to blow out the ceiling to the roofline, leave some exposed beams, and give me some skylights and other such dreaminess. (and it will have to be dreaminess for now as the changes we have in mind will come s.l.o.w.l.y. as our budget will allow. : )) OH! and did i also mention that the walk-in closet that is a nice big square room will be a delightful place for canvas storage and packing supplies?! that is right up there with my favorite features since right now i feel like i am constantly tripping over cardboard and bubble wrap and boxes.

when we’re done, i will have more natural light and more of a feeling of being a part of the family’s comings and goings as i work. BONUS? my basement studio space will become the new playroom and my former office will become a den/homework room for the boys. seriously, its almost silly how excited i am at the plans we are making and the way it will change my daily routine.

SO now i am shopping for deals online and tearing inspiration from many decorating magazines. i’m kind of addicted to decorating magazines. i will try to be UNlike my typical self and post photos as we transform the space.

how bout all of you guys? have you found a great way to make your creative space at home work perfectly for your family?

nighty night!


photo via ~ found on cloth and patina on facebook


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    Stephanie, that’s wonderful news! Congrats! When we moved into our current house I twiddled my thumbs about setting up my studio space. Finally, I couldn’t stand it any longer and HAD to do SOMETHING because my space left me so uninspired. Now that I’ve painted it a lovely light gray my mind has a soothing environment and it just opens right up for me.

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