Free Download – Pillow Faces

Just for fun….make some reversible face pillows. Cute for a little girl, or quirky for a big girl who likes a bit of whimsy. Some of my Facebook buddies suggested the cases would be great slumber party crafts/favors or even a nice gift to mail to your little girl if she is at sleep away camp.

Use fabric paint to wing it and give it your own spin or download my full size printables to trace or transfer. i’d highly recommend Super Soft Transfer Paper from Dharma Trading if you go the iron-on route. It cannot be beat.

If you want to trace, use a lightbox or sunny window and tape the template pieces inside the case. Then trace and fill in with soft fabric paint. i like this kind from Tulip.

Piece of cake!!


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    so sweet, Stephanie. What a lovely project for a little girl’s room. I can imagine several of your pink hued paintings hanging with this pillow, actually, two, one open eyed side showing, the other closed eyed side showing on a frilly pink and white canopy bed! Would be spectacular with any one of your pieces above the bed.

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    I made one of these today! I love it! It’s the cutest thing ever! I am going to make a few more for my daughters… and seriously they’d be great gifts too…. I had some of the super soft transfer paper sitting around that I hadn’t tested yet… I LOVE it! Thanks for the free downloads!

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    Thank you so much for all of the great ideas.. I have your book creative doodling and beyond and I just did the family hand thing. I’m 11, and am so fascinated and am very inspired by you. Again, thank you. =)))))))))

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