FREE Downloads for 4th o’ July

Because i love freebies! And anything with the word “doodle” in it seems to strike my fancy!

A little piece of whimsy all ready to be ironed onto your favorite kiddo’s shirt. Use any inkjet transfer paper in a pinch, but Dharma Trading‘s Super Soft Transfer Paper is the best!

Simply click on the image you want to begin your download. And share with any other little firecrackers you know, too!

Have a fun time crafting and a safe and silly 4th!


ADDENDUM!!!!! Just HAD to add a version for boys. i’m the mama of 2 boys! What on earth was i thinking neglecting them!? : ) (again, just click on the art enlargement for the download)


  1. Sarah says

    You saved my butt! I hadn’t gotten around to Shirts yet! I would love for my girls to match is it possible for the yankee doodle to say girl instead of baby? lol.
    I’m printing them off for all three kids!! awesome!
    My son is going to love the boy version.

  2. says

    hi sarah!
    “baby” is meant in a more “hey baby” kinda way….like in the song….
    “i’m a yankle doodle…baby…..yankee doodle doo or die!” : ) or something like that? haha
    email me at though and i will try to send back one modified just for you : )

  3. Tammy O. says

    LBB sent me! Thanks Stephanie!!! And I have some of Dharma Tradings Transfer paper ready to go!

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