This Busy Holiday!


Hello friends!

This holiday season is all abuzz here at my house. We are finishing up my new art studio inch by inch.

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If you follow, you know that our little house is busting at the seams since Baby Lang arrived 18 months ago and we set a plan into action to reclaim the bedroom my business occupies. We built on an art studio and have been slaving away at getting it finished up ever since. We’ve wired outlets at 1am. I chose a day of laying tile with friends as my 40th birthday gift. We’ve grouted the floor with the little kids fussing by the baby gate to get in. It’s been a labor of love…but i think we’re ready for it to be complete already! ; ) Soon!! Then i will be happy as pie with a view of the kids playing outside in the backyard and will have a little space to give some kids art lessons. i’m so excited!


Until such time that i can teach local kiddos LIVE and in person….don’t forget that a wonderful holiday gift for creative kids is my online doodling series, A Year of Doodles! Kids will be able to watch and follow along doing one themed doodle every month for 13 months PLUS printables and bonus coloring pages on Christmas Day – all for just $35.

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Beyond that, i’ve been working on a new book that will come out in 2015. It’s an art book for kids. There is paint involved. My fingers are crossed you will all love it! My facebook and instagram posts have been fewer since all the art i’ve been making is for the book and top secret. But i’ve snuck a few peeks in there and want you to know i am still here!

In 2015, my business is going to be shifting and focusing more. Let’s face it. i love kids. i love creating for kids (and kids at heart!)

i am going to be narrowing in on that focus moving forward and there is going to be a lot of fun stuff ahead. There will be a little line i’m hoping to manufacture myself for your crafty kids…..some OOAK hand-made wearables for kids scattered in here and there, lots of new kids art and products, and a revamped etsy site to boot. i will still be making my same colorful paintings and grown-ups are always welcome to buy into the color explosion, of course!! But i will be working to make my art present in the kids marketplace. i will love each and every share and shout out ya’ll could give me! i always say that my customers are the sweetest in the world. i email with you guys and know so many of you personally now! You are my village.

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So thank you for your patience as i write 52 lessons for the new book. It’s a lot! haha! How the authors of those 101 projects books do it…..i do not know!! Mad props!!

Happiest of Holidays to all!




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