Summer Doodling Program for KIDS!

Introducing my first Kids-Geared Doodle Program just in time for summer vacation! What a fun way to keep your kids using that creative right-brain all summer long! And i don’t know about your kiddos, but mine love when i tell them an email has come through just for them.

Kids are so proud when they can create impressive artwork on their own. Once the doodles are done, get creative with your kids! Have an end of summer art show, scan their work and have it printed on t-shirts, or decoupage their favorites onto frames for grandma or their teacher.

Here are the details for Doodle Days of Summer!

-Each Monday from June 9 thru August 25, 2014, (12 weeks) you will receive an email with a printable DOODLED coloring page, and a URL link & passcode to watch an online video tutorial teaching how to draw that week’s doodle. Kids can press pause as often as they need to, and go back to review as well. The video will also include a super fast-warp speed section showing me creating the doodle start to finish by hand. Those are always a blast to watch! The coloring page can be used as a tracing page also if your kids want a bit more help & practice. Just use a lightbox or tracing paper.

-Videos will be hosted on a private Vimeo page online.

-You will have UNLIMITED! password access to all videos

-$25 per household/family so siblings can all participate.

****Please note: if you are a camp administrator, scout leader, or teacher and would like to purchase for your group, please contact me for group pricing. i am happy to provide it!

-REGISTRATION HAS BEEN REOPENED!!! due to popular demand. Wow. Thanks guys!! Feel free to register at any time and i will personally send your missed weeks from my own email account, then you will get future week’s emails automatically. (There may be a delay getting your backlogged emails since i have to do it manually. But it will absolutely be no longer than 24 hours and hopefully much quicker.)

i’ve created a free printable example for you! (just click the image below) You can expect the weeklies to have about this level of detail. But each of the 12 weeks will have a different theme. This one was CIRCLES. Also planned are: Flowers, Robot, Surfboard, Monsters, Birds, Letters and more!

i’ve also included a little teaser video that shows¬† a portion of what the tutorials will be like, so that you can gauge whether the program will be appropriate for your little artist. FYI – Beta testing provided by my 8 year old son was a success! : ) Full length videos will feature the warp speed drawing section with upbeat music, PLUS the slowed down tutorial screen capture section with voice-over as i move through each step. Click the image below to view the video example on Vimeo.

Looking forward to creating with lots of great kiddos this summer!! THANKS!

***note – please be aware when purchasing that your paypal email address is the one where lessons will be sent unless noted otherwise.

Register Now! $25.00USD  United States Residents ONLY please

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  1. Angel Jeff says

    I would like to sign up for the Doodle Summer program. So fun! Thank you!

  2. says

    This looks like so much fun. I’ve passed this along to my friends because I know they’ve got kiddos that would love this. Heck, I’m going to sign up and I don’t have kids. :)

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