Speed Doodling!

Doodling is fun on its own merit. But it can be even more fun if you can turn your drawings into quick and easy projects you can actually use!!

i’ve put together a 6-page PDF with great tips & instructions on how to fill a page quickly with your doodless so you can get on to the business of using them for the greater good. : ) Specifically, to create a cute little wall-hung jewelry organizer, and a kid-friendly paper bead bracelet. Both are super-fun summertime crafts, and both are easy enough for little fingers. (Just a bit of help with glue gun and screw hooks needed from mom or dad on the jewelry organizer – please!). You’ll find step-by-step instructions & photos for each project and a page of sample doodle motifs to spark your creativity. I’ve even included a page of my own speed doodle you can print out right away if you want to jump straight to the projects!

This download will be archived as a $2.00 Cheapie next week, but until then, please download it for FREE! It’s my way of saying thanks to all you awesome fans and readers and supporters who make what i do worthwhile!

Just click on the image above to start your download.

If you or your kiddos create the projects, or some fabulous and speedy doodles, i’d love to see! Please share on my Facebook Page!

Happy doodling!



  1. Lisa says

    Any chance that the Speed Doodling downloadable pdf will be free again at some point? Thanks!

  2. says

    Hi Lisa : ) Unfortunately, no. i try my best to make instructional books free for a few days when i first introduce them, but then they go to a dollar or 2. have a great summer! : )


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