completed work – lines and words


The above art is a wood plank that has been decorated with strips of my art prints. Once dry and given one coat of dull poly, a sharpie marker was used to make the loose line drawing. White areas were added with gel pen and then thinner black ink verse was handwritten on each row with a very loose and wild stroke.

Many of the words are a bit out of order as i’d occasionally skip lines and then come back to fill them in later. Still more of the words are obscured by the thick black lines of the drawing. i wanted a real and true stream of consciousness and emotion to be attached to the piece, but i didn’t want it to be obvious or read like a book. i pretty much wrote it in a way that forces the viewer to add their own experience and just take snippets from the actual thoughts and words. In this way, the entire piece is a fragmented self-portrait. My illustrations, cut apart and re-assembled randomly….and the same with my words.

works in progress – Paper flowers + wood + hook?

PaperFlowerWoodBlock1 Ok, imagine 2 hooks on the bottom of this wood block. Can you see it? i can. i still have to find the perfect hardware, but then this will be a precious little key hanger or, in my studio, probably a scissors hook or ribbon hook or whatever-else-needs-a-hook hook.

i made some flowers out of off-cuts/printing mistakes i keep in a recycle bin in my office. i added these to the wood block, sprinkled on some slender glitter stems and stamens, then added in the black line art scribbles, leaves and vines. i topped the whole thing with a spray of satin finish poly and voila!…..err…..almost voila. When i get those hooks attached, man, you just wait to hear me shout my voila!