Show Your Colors

Working with Deny Designs, a curated print-on-demand site that creates countless housewares and more using a huge range of art from makers around the world,  these past few years has been a wonderful experience. They are kind people. They continually push their business and brand forward and try new things. They care about their artists. LOVE THEM!

Corfee-DenyColorPaletteADI’ve recently added some new work to my gallery on their site and am super excited about the resulting products. I’ll share some favorites with you over the next few weeks. The artwork above, “Color Palette”, is from a painting i made for my own home. It reminds me of a paintbox, has a totally imperfect, brushstroke-y vibe, and mixes bright colors with more muted, sophisticated tones. It’s the perfect cheaters way to tie a room together while making it feel a bit artsy at the same time. Check it out on table linens, coffee mugs, cell phone cases, duvets, shower curtains and more by clicking here.

And if you want to see all my designs offered across the Deny Designs product line, just click here.

Have a good one. : )

lost in the sauce – painting something different


Sometimes being an artist is deadlines and measurements, and technical files and clerical work. Sometimes it is execution of orders and commissioned paintings with specific parameters and color schemes. It’s ok. Every job has boring-but-necessary parts, enjoyable parts…and then stinkin AWESOME parts. i got to make a painting (above- Sparkling Water) purely for my own self expression recently and it was pretty stinkin awesome.




i let myself evolve a little, without being afraid that i’d lose my audience. Because we all evolve. It’s fun. i love change. But when you build your brand on a certain look, a bit of fear creeps in that you need to stay the course and give the people what they want. That doesn’t leave a lot of room for evolution.

But i posted the new art on facebook, as i am apt to do….and people didn’t UNLIKE me. Whaddya know? Lots of folks really liked this it even though it is something new and different. Phew.


i’ve been feeling a real bug to explore muted color and transparent color and mixing of watercolors and acrylics a lot lately. i’ve also been messing with portraits like you wouldn’t believe. (i will share soon!)

It’s wonderful to be able to trust yourself enough to change and experiment. i am going for it full-tilt now that the band-aid has been ripped off.