weekend creating

This weekend i was on a mission to complete a whole lot of creative projects.

Above is a photo of a newly completed painting that goes to contest winner from my site. She won a 16×20 original painting on gallery wrapped canvas and she got to choose the main color story. i named this painting In My Heart. The names just come to me when i look at the piece and i try hard not to overthink it….whatever pops to mind first seems most organic and natural. So here you go, Jeanine! i hope you enjoy this painting. It will be on its way to you tomorrow.

i also spent a few hours packing and building boxes for some recently sold paintings on canvas. i am so paranoid when i pack canvases. i probably overdo it and i always build boxes to exactly the size i need so they aren’t rattling around in there. It takes for-EVA! But now i have 3 paintings all boxed and ready for the good old USPS tomorrow. Such a relief.

Next, i worked on a new decorative print inspired by a good friend.

That’s it to the left and on the right are some little decoupaged trinket bowls as well. The print is a thought i think many nights before i fall asleep. i thought it would be a lovely sentiment to hang in a child’s bedroom. Its a quote from Anne of Green Gables….a favorite book and something i have in common with a sweet friend. i like to make art with a loved one in mind….it motivates me to make it as special as the person who inspired it.

And here is the art, itself.

Saturday, we cleaned the house pretty thoroughly…i got to do 2 bathrooms top to tail….woohoo! Lucky me! Lovely.

But its a great feeling when its done. i always want to take the first shower : ) So i did. And after the shower, we hung 12 pieces of artwork we’ve had  sitting around the house waiting for a nail. CHECK! Topped it all off by baking some oatmeal cookies with my little guy. He picked oatmeal because, by his estimation, since oatmeal is “healthy”, he can have more of this kind of cookie than of chocolate chip. Nice try buddy. : )

16 Valentines were on the schedule for this sunday morning. C drew a few hearts and i scanned ‘em and made some labels. Daddy joined in on the assembly line. Love a guy weilding a glue gun for the greater good.

We capped off the day at an adorable theater in Philadelphia. C saw his first stage performance! Charlotte’s Web! It was so good! I even cried at the end. What? Am i made of stone? ; ) After the show. the actors were available for the kids in the lobby and C and our friends’ kids had their photo taken with the Templeton Rat character. He was a funny dude.

Thank goodness for my folks who babysat little G for us AND had dinner waiting when the show was over. Love you mom and dad!

SO that caps the crazy, crafty weekend. Doesn’t it feel good when sunday night rolls around and you feel your to-do list has a super healthy dent!? Bring on the week! i’m ready.

Early Valentine’s Day FREEBIE download

hey everyone!

here’s a quick sheet you can grab and print for your kids. Print onto full sheet label stock and your kids can color and cut out their own Valentines stickers! Or, just print on plain old white paper and they can color, cut and paste onto homemade valentines for their friends and loved ones.

i’ll be posting more V-day goodness in the coming weeks, but thought i’d get a jump start : )