Thank You Very Much – made easier


i am a super thankful person. i really am. i really appreciate when folks take the time to come celebrate birthdays with my boys and bring them sweet gifts. i used to be so on top of all my thank-you-related correspondence. But this year, the universe and Murphy’s law conspired against me and created a cluster of drama and distraction that knocked me off my game.  And i am embarrassed to say i still owe (or my kids still owe) thank you cards from a birthday party we had in AUGUST!

Yikes. NOT proud of myself.

The boys actually wrote out about half the cards….then i MIGHT have misplaced them…..but that’s another story we won’t dwell on.

SO!! if any of this is familiar (please tell me i’m not the only one). And if any of YOU GUYS need to get back on track like me,  then these little cards i made are perfect for you. They are an update/upgrade on some other fill-in thank you cards i made way, way back. I’ve got them all set up to print in 2 different sizes; your choice.


You’ll never be out of Thank You Notes again…and they couldn’t be easier for your littles to fill out. You can snag your download below.

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Hope you enjoy!



New Commission & the way to make my day

DianaPoemColorThe above artwork is special. It was commissioned by the kindest customer who had written a poem for her friend, a doll maker. From the first moment this customer contacted me, i could feel the care and love in her words and how special she wanted her gift to be. That sort of thing is inspiring. It makes me feel a real responsibility to meet and exceed expectations.

The customer had referenced one of my popular series of little girls’ artworks; Dream. Create. Grow. Fly. Since she loved the style so much, i really pulled inspiration from those when laying out the sketches. My intent was to show the take-em-anywhere-and-everywhere kind of love a child has for a special toy, in this case, a doll. i hope i succeeded.

After the artwork was carefully packed up and shipped out, i waited patiently to hear how the gift would be received. This is always the part where i become so nervous i could bite my fingernails down to the nub! Then, finally….the word came in. The eagle had landed. And happily, the eagle made the recipient cry….happy tears! YAY!!! These are the moments that MAKE MY DAY. And in these moments, i realize why my job is worth it.

Of course i love to put my creative vision out into the world. That feels good. Of course its nice to make money doing something i love to do. But really, the thing that makes every day worth it are the happy memories and keepsakes i get to realize for my customers. When i get an email that tells me i’ve done a good job, exceeded expectations or made someone’s birthday/anniversary/any day all the more special, i cannot help but smile.

So thank you from the bottom of my heart to every one of you who has allowed me the opportunity to participate in a moment in your lives. i can’t wait to see what’s next.

The crazy difference a month makes

The past few weeks have flown by! Due, in large part to my collaborations with Ashley at Li’l Blue Boo. The woman is amazing. i’ve been lucky enough to contribute some artwork to her for her amazing kids clothes and her fan base has welcomed me with open arms. i am so humbled by that. Some folks might think that “web only” friends aren’t real friends, and that operating my business primarily online might be isolating. But i have found those things to be entirely untrue.

i have met people who are suddenly part of my support structure. They encourage me with words and action! They order art from me! They collaborate with me! We trade products and messages and laughs. The constant influx of positive reinforcement has kept me going this past month. And believe me, i’ve needed that mojo! Oh boy have i needed it.

i haven’t yet made a formal announcement in a public way. A past experience left me a bit nervous to say anything early-on ever again…but i’ll spill the beans here first. i’m expecting! i’m in the throes of all the lovely first trimester gunk that slows you down but also makes you feel somewhat reassured that everything is progressing as it should. But as much as my normal pace has been compromised by the little peanut who’s fighting me for my energy, i feel as though i’ve received an infusion of positive thoughts from all over the country and a few outside of it!

i feel grateful.

Grateful that i’ve spent 90% of my work life the past few weeks making art.

Grateful for the wonderful new people i’ve met.

Grateful for support and generosity of “strangers” who are tickled to see me succeed.

So, here’s me, back to blogging and wanting to show you some of the pieces i’ve been working on recently. Mostly i’ve been sketching some spunky little girls with stellar fashion sensibilities. i introduced these “Li’l Fashionista” sketches in my etsy shop following a project i did for Ashley at LBB. SHe asked if i could do a fashion illustration to embody the amazing, upcycled dresses she makes. That meant all focus was on the dress and the figure was left as a sketchy, B&W drawing. This first illustration below is what resulted. Then the brainstorm hit that i could offer drawings a bit like these to moms of other Lil Fashionistas! Awesome.


Ashley posted a pic of her illustration on one of her signature dresses, and the rest was history. i’ve been capturing little independent spirits ever since and i couldn’t be happier. More examples are below.


I shouldn’t forget! i also recently helped my good friend, Dawn of The HodgePodgery in Harrisburg, PA develop a whimsical logo for an outdoor market they’ve begun called the HoPo Road Show. Isn’t she cute? The idea was all Dawn’s. She is a business whiz and i am ever so grateful to her for selling my work in her shop and for being yet one more source of constant support.


And last but not least, a possible teaser….i’ve been approached to do an amazing (and large) project that i really hope i can make happen. Just one more thing to turn my life upside down (in a good way) this past month. It’s crazy! If it happens, you all will be the first to know!

So, that’s what i’ve been up to. Stay tuned for postings of other completed projects that are still top secret and can’t yet be shared. They’re a-comin’!

Repeated thanks to all of you who are reading this. You are making my dreams come true.