A Simple Reminder to Color

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i recently got a new iPad Pro. i got it to make life easier, staple myself to my desk less often, and work smarter, not harder. In the past, i’d make coloring pages by sketching on paper, then using marker paper and a light box to ink the sketched design, then scan to my computer, open in Photoshsop, clean up the inevitable blobs and bleeds in certain areas caused by marker on paper (even good paper!), then convert to crisp, clean vectors in Illustrator. The process was taking up more time than necessary, and had me at me computer a lot more than i needed to be. After looking into the Cintiq Companion and the iPad Pro, since both allowed for “anywhere” digital drawing, i chose the iPad Pro for it’s other capabilities and cheaper price tag. i still plan to be in-studio for all my hands-on painting work, so i really juts wanted a way to streamline my sketching and vector work, so it was a good choice for me, i THINK!! : )

SO…..now i have been practicing and getting used to the tools and the responsiveness of the apple pencil, and all that jazz…..so you guys will be getting lots of my experiments shared with you as freebie downloads for a little while. Enjoy!! Once i get a good grip on it, i will be adding lots more clip art and digital files to my etsy shop that will be great for your kiddos, for wall art, for party favors and invites, and whatever else you can think of.

Happy Monday! Do Good in the world today!! xo,s

A Printable to Color this Easter!

In addition to candy and treats, i always like to put a story book and maybe some crayola markers into my son’s Easter basket. SO here’s a nice little extra that goes perfectly with both; some coloring bookmarks for boys and girls. Just CLick the image for the FREE download and print to a piece of white cardstock. Your kids can color and cut out the bookmarks to keep or give to a friend.

Happy Easter!

Valentines Treats for my Sweets!

Hi everyone! i sat myself down at the computer last night and drew up a bunch of lovey dovey goodies for you in time for Valentine’s Day. First, I’ve got 4 valentine cards that your kiddos (or you!) can give out to friends. You know you wanna! Second, i made some lovable graphics suitable for making iron-on transfers for tees. Take a look! The girly transfer says “You know you love me!” and the unisex one says “leavin a trail of…” with a broken heart graphic. The broken heart comes in a red-on-red color palette(not shown) and a red-on-black color palette.

Everything is bundled in a 2-page PDF download.

The cards are oh-so convenient to print on a standard, letter-size piece of cardstock. Cut the page in quarters and you’re done! OR, add some glitter and marker pizzazz if you like.  The 2nd page graphics are great for iron-on transfers so you can channel your inner Cupid. But they could also be used for stickers, posters, placemats, whatever! 

If you go with the iron-on transfer plan, i highly recommend Dharma Trading’s Super Soft Transfer Paper. It doesn’t give that thick plastic feeling. Just make sure to choose the “print mirror image” option in your printer driver when you print off the transfers, that way the image will be right-reading after its flipped and ironed on.

Happy Valentine’s Day!! – xo, stephanie

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