Portraits with whimsy & magic

CorfeeWhimsicalPortraits-TallPinWatercolor, florals, doodles, drips and spatter. i’ve been combining all my favorite painting tidbits into these charming whimsical portraits recently. They make a gorgeous keepsake and look beautiful framed in a nursery or little girl’s room. i scan and keep high resolution digital files of the art, so customers can have the art printed on mugs or in photo books as well. This also allows me to offer additional prints at various sizes so that grandparents, family or friends can have a mini version of the art for their desk as well.

Visit my shop here to purchase one of these darling portraits, and take a look at my other prints and originals while you’re there, too! ; )

Pencil Portrait: Sisters


No matter how many years pass or how many painting and sketching styles i try out along the way, i think i will always continue to do plain old pencil portraits. i love them so. These cutie patootie sisters were too precious not to share.

Drop me a line if you’d like to give a portrait gift for a holiday or special occasion. i’ve done quite a few for fellas looking to make their kiddos’ mama cry that happy, mushy cry.

Just finished a commission….siblings portrait

A work in progress…..client commissioned wood plank siblings portrait.

Stage 1 – (above) sand the wood board and draw my portrait in pencil

Stage 2 – (below) apply several coats of thin acrylic washes and then carefully ink over the pencil drawing

Lastly….add some detail to lashes and hair…cleanup lines and add some finishing touches like blush to cheeks and lips, paint edges of wood board. I also added hanging wire and wall protectors to the back of this piece. Here is the finished artwork! Message me if you’d like to work with me to create something similar for you!

How Clearly do You See Yourself?

i gave my son this Mona Lisa background with a perfectly white torso in the foreground, showed him the original painting, and explained to him the concept of a portrait (or in his case, self portrait.). Then i had him sit in front of a mirror and draw exactly what he saw.

There was no doubt or indecision. He saw himself clearly….through his own pretty little (wide-set?) eyes. Haha! It was so pure. He was proud.


i had a sorta different moment of clarity and self-awareness last night as i cleaned and organized my office. As i tidied and sorted, i realized just how efficient and professional a space it has become over the last few years. i’ve come so far from the girl who couldn’t admit out loud that she was an artist. Now i give myself permission to buy the tools of the trade, the proper packaging materials, quality art supplies and, occasionally, new-fangled gadgets that wildly improve my work flow.

It feels very real.  i feel confident enough to say that i am an artist…always a work in progress, but still.

Moments of clarity are good. i think i should try to experience them more often.

New Artwork – its in the eyes

YellowStare001 I sketched this portrait a while back. She has piercing eyes. She knows something you don’t. It’s killing you! You NEED to know.

i pulled the sketch, which was done in colored pencil, black india ink and pastel pencil, into photoshop and had at it with my increasingly well-loved graphics tablet and stylus. It wasn’t intense enough for me! HA! But now i like it a lot. This here art-makin stuff is super fun!