Paint Lab for Kids – My Newest Book!


December 15 is the official release date for this book that i’ve been waiting for a whole year!

But i have advance copies, signed if you’d like, available in my etsy shop if you want to get yours extra early!

Guys, i am so excited for this book to go out into the world. If you are a parent, teacher, scout leader….anyone who wants to introduce painting and creativity to kids, i think you will find something for you in this book. i’ve tried my best to choose fun subject matter that kids will WANT to paint for each lesson. i’ve kept real life in mind by giving my honest opinion on what supplies you need to start and ways to improvise. i’ve tried to share adaptations for every lesson so that you can ramp it up or simplify it down for all ages. i really poured my heart into it. There are 52 lessons in all, divided into sections titled:

Learning How | Technique Based Labs

Wild Imagination | Idea Based Labs

Palette Play | Color Based Labs

Experimentation Station | Mixed Media Labs

Express Yourself | Inspirational Labs

ALSO!! Every project features a little added bonus. i share a project-related piece from a working artist with the kids. i do this for a few reasons; to add some pretty amazing eye candy to each page and get their wheels turning on how to make each project their own, to show them the many many ways that they can put their creativity into the world FROM FOLKS WHO ARE DOING IT, and to expand their curiosity by having them explore the work of many talented artists from around the globe.

i hope you will enjoy this book. i hope your kids will use it, and gain confidence in their own creative vision. And i really hope it can become a mainstay resource that lives on your bookshelf for many years.

If you would like to share this book on your blog or social media, i would so welcome your support, and would be happy to talk to you if you need me for anything! THANKS! A sneak peek inside is available here.

xo, stephanie

This Busy Holiday!


Hello friends!

This holiday season is all abuzz here at my house. We are finishing up my new art studio inch by inch.

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 11.32.57 AM

If you follow, you know that our little house is busting at the seams since Baby Lang arrived 18 months ago and we set a plan into action to reclaim the bedroom my business occupies. We built on an art studio and have been slaving away at getting it finished up ever since. We’ve wired outlets at 1am. I chose a day of laying tile with friends as my 40th birthday gift. We’ve grouted the floor with the little kids fussing by the baby gate to get in. It’s been a labor of love…but i think we’re ready for it to be complete already! ; ) Soon!! Then i will be happy as pie with a view of the kids playing outside in the backyard and will have a little space to give some kids art lessons. i’m so excited!


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