Catching up again

i think it’s just my MO. Blog regularly, settle into it. Find a rhythm. Then….get bogged down with a big project or deadline, and ignore it for a couple months. ugh. Maybe there is no use fighting it. i’m sporadic!

But, a lot has happened.  i’ve had a lovely holiday with my family, finished my new book, and survived 4 days of solo travel to a trade show in Atlanta to promote my upcoming gift line. Came home from said trip and fell ill for a solid 10 days with the worst combo of yuckiness i have ever experience. My hair hurt! : )


And now i’ve caught up on all the loose ends that followed that little whirlwind and i’m resetting my clock and  beginning to sketch daily and really create again. It’s an ebb and flow sorta thing.

So here’s a little smattering of images from the past couple months for a little catch up.


Christmas Eve with my sisters. Laura, Jodi, Lissa and me…. 

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Books, Blog Neglect and Babies


You know how sometimes you neglect your blog for about 3 months?

…and you make all kinds of fun art for a new book?

…and have a baby?

yeah, its been kinda like that around here. But i’ll be back to blogging now with new art like this:

And in the fall you’ll see a new book i made that looks like this:

…and mucho inspiration from a little baby boy who looks like this:


The faceless stage…the part you don’t see

i get commissioned to do illustrations of people for special occasions a fair amount. Weddings and engagements seem to be the most popular.

In doing these projects, i spend the bulk of my time working on the faces, and i usually keep the face studies separate from the overall composition sketches.

Then, when faces are finalized, i plop them into the composition digitally using photoshop.

i thought it’d be fun to show you one of the completed composition inks…..sans faces. {above}

Creepy, right? i have tons of pages like this!

They’re less freaky when they’re finished : )


Ink + Paper + X-acto Bloom

Cut PAper Bloom

Here are some photos of the finished artwork i’ve been posting about. BLOOM measures about 6″ in diameter. It is just precious in it’s teeny-ness! The underlay is a large, saturated, pastel painting that has been photographed and then printed in miniature on my Epson R2880. This printer uses a Vivid Magenta ink and i LOVE it! The capability to reproduce that crazy saturated fuschia is the whole reason i got this Epson! I sure do love me some pink!

i think i will place this piece in a tiny, desktop frame. Maybe i’ll paint the frame? The only question is whether or not to put it under glass. hmmmmm…..i rather like the idea of being able to touch the petals. Makes me happy thinking about it. Glass might kill my mood. What do you all think?