flakes are fun

PassionFlakeJustine Smith, of Handmade Blogger/Handmade Marketer fame, contacted me to create a header for her new personal blog, coming soon to a web browser near you. The directive was to create a Burton-esque-Alice-in-Wonderland-theme with a color scheme of Justine’s choosing. i wanted to do a loose, vibrant coloring in the background. i think the watercolor textures fit the bill nicely. But then, i love watercolor, so i am biased!

i love the name of the blog.


i identify with it. It is so very human. i don’t know about all of you, but i wanna be friends with those people who are highly passionate, but can also be a little flakey. Flakes are fun. Perfection 100% of the time is so unapproachable! So, kudos to Justine for coming up with such a poetic title and i am so happy she asked me to help her with her vision.