Portraits with whimsy & magic

CorfeeWhimsicalPortraits-TallPinWatercolor, florals, doodles, drips and spatter. i’ve been combining all my favorite painting tidbits into these charming whimsical portraits recently. They make a gorgeous keepsake and look beautiful framed in a nursery or little girl’s room. i scan and keep high resolution digital files of the art, so customers can have the art printed on mugs or in photo books as well. This also allows me to offer additional prints at various sizes so that grandparents, family or friends can have a mini version of the art for their desk as well.

Visit my shop here to purchase one of these darling portraits, and take a look at my other prints and originals while you’re there, too! ; )

Pencil Portrait: Sisters


No matter how many years pass or how many painting and sketching styles i try out along the way, i think i will always continue to do plain old pencil portraits. i love them so. These cutie patootie sisters were too precious not to share.

Drop me a line if you’d like to give a portrait gift for a holiday or special occasion. i’ve done quite a few for fellas looking to make their kiddos’ mama cry that happy, mushy cry.

our family is growing!

Sorry guys…i couldn’t resist. i’m not expecting. i just mean literally….our family is growing.

And now we have physical documentation of the fact!

i’ve made so many growth charts in my day. Always for customers. And my son always asks for one when i do. i’m such a slacker when it comes to creating for our own house though. Soooo, he’s six. He’s just over 4 feet tall and we finally have a growth chart in place. Sort of.

Coop and Nick found this cool, twisted branch that had fallen in a storm a few years ago when we first moved to this house. They wanted to keep it, but i was afraid of buggies. So it lived in the garage for a year. No bugs. Then it lived in the basement for a year. Still bug free. Then it migrated to a corner of my office…..you get the picture. Since i’m satisfied no bugs are inhabiting the cool twisty stick, we decided to make it a permanent memory.

We mounted it to the wall with some leather and i marked each foot with a white pencil. For our first measuring session, i notched the boys’ heights into the stick and then tied tags with some hemp that sits nicely in the notch and documented their name, height, and date. i added a drop of crazy glue under the knot to make sure the tags will stay in place over the years.

i may change out the tags to something smaller and maybe even color code the tags for each child. Coop actually wants nick and i to mark OUR heights. Great. i can watch myself shrink! haha!

But we finally have a growth chart!! yay! i’m only about 6 years late getting that going. : ) Not too shabby.

A Special Dollar Download – Fill In Thank You Cards for Kids

If you read this blog with any regularity, i’m sure you’ve seen me post wonderful things, collaborations, observations, etc about my friend, Ashley over at Lil Blue Boo. She is an amazing individual.

In addition to being a talented artist, designer, business owner, she is also a generous humanitarian. Whether it be collecting sewing supplies or hair bows to girls in africa or donating to her local shelters, she has a heart of gold.

Now, if you also follow Ashley’s blog, you know she has been fighting cancer. Not cool.

A bunch of us in the Team Ashley Camp are working on a top notch, highly organized auction of fantastic handmade items to help offset some of Ash’s mounting medical expenses. She’d do it for any one of us, and we happily do it for her. In fact, i can’t think of a more giving, selfless person who deserves the giving be turned in her favor for a change. i’ll be posting auction details here soon. We are shooting for the end of February and the goodies we’ve collected already are PHE-NOM-E-NAL! its a testament to how much she is cherished in this community.

In the meantime, the notecard above is just a teeny way to help. Ashley made up some thank-yous like these at Christmastime for her little girl. They are so fun for your kiddos to use and help reinforce the great habit of saying “thank you”  – in writing – to those we love. Download the card by clicking below and your $1 will be sent to Ashley …to add to her donut fund maybe? we hear donut molecules can kick cancer molecules’ butts!

Your download will include a 4-card page (each card measuring 5.5×4.25 – an A2 envelope) and a 2-card page (each card measuring 5×7 – an A7 envelope). The larger size is helpful for younger writers who tend to have LARGE penmanship : ) Just print the page you like to a standard piece of letter size cardstock and slice it up! Instant thank you notes whenever you need them.

Thanks in advance for your support!!  xo-s

$1 Fill In Thank You Notes for Kids
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…and past the stars

Since he was teeny tiny, i’ve always told my 5 year old “i love you all the way up to the moon and past the stars.”

Today as he was standing in the light of the windows in my studio striking a sharp silhouette, this image just popped into my head.

i snapped his photo….

and i turn it into this.

i filled his silhouette with one of my scanned watercolors.

Man! i love that kid : )

happy mama’s day

CircleKids5-10 i don’t tend to like the word mother. It sounds so distant. But i happily answer to mommie and mom and my favorite, as it sounds coming from my 4 year old’s lips, mama.

i took these photos of my son and his cousins so we could give a keepsake photo to my mom, their grammy, on this special day. Three families came together and parents bribed children with lollipops and cajoled them with googly eyed silly faces. We maneuvered a step ladder for the first pic and were basically breaking a sweat by the end. In all, i’ll guess i took about 60 pictures. But when narrowed down to the ones where nobody is crying, mid-sentence, or wandering out of frame…..there were only a few left. These 3 are my favorites. The effort was worth it.

Yes, my child is scowling at the center of one….but it sorta suits him. He’s stubborn as an ox. The 2nd and 3rd photos, in my eyes, show a true representation of the group dynamic in a large family. Someone’s always unhappy, someone’s usually goofing off. Then you’ve got the one or 2 kids behaving nicely, primly, properly. And another who’s looking a little dazed and ready for nap. Such is life.

i’m sharing these with you today because even though most of these children are nieces and nephews, they have all turned me into a mommie. i see the beauty in each face and know the personality behind it. i get a little misty knowing that one day, big strapping teenagers will be reminiscing over these images, barely able to remember being so small. But i cherish their smallness now and am soaking up every second of my mama’s day. As it should be.

And to my mom, with whom i’ve just shared lunch and conversation; i know you will be reading this and getting all misty-eyed yourself. i learned how to be the mom that i am because of you. i am proud of it. You are an excellent mom. You gave us as perfect a childhood as anyone would want. i hope you like the photo of the kids even more now knowing that we parents, your kids!,were all just a few feet out of frame, egging the kids on, and watching out for traffic, and adjusting legs and arms, just because we wanted to give you something perfect too.


life is art

Princess Mei came across this little sketch i did about 5-6 years ago. It was instantly clear to me where i got the inspiration. Um, do you SEE the (embarrassing) pic??? When i was but a wee tot, i was bookish and pensive and cautious and reserved. i was so serious! i wore my navy uniform to school. True. But i filled drawing tablets with mad color! i sewed, i made shrinky-dink bookmarks and keychains til my fingers were numb. So here’s this little sketch decades later of a tiny, red-haired girl flaunting the tutu and the crown and bare feet. (bare feet are SO me) She’s saying, “Check me out! i am CRE-A-TIVE!” She’s breaking out!

We surely draw inspiration from within. Sometimes we just don’t realize it until distance gives us a little clarity. This is me. i’ve broken out.

Anyone seen my tutu?