For All the Brave Ones


My sweet friend, Amy, asked me if i had a coloring page i could share for her child’s class service project. They are making “BE BRAVE” craft/coloring folders for Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, in honor of their classmate. i was happy to make one, of course. And then thought…… it’d be even better if i shared it with my whole community. There are too many brave kids fighting cancer. i realize life isn’t fair…..but it just seems unbearably wrong.

If you know a little brave heart who is fighting this battle….or any child who might find strength or hope in this message right now, please help yourself. Just click the image for your download.

much love, s

Creating with Kids; It’s about much more than the art


i make art with kids a lot. it’s fun and silly and inspiring. i kind of love it.

But i also sometimes come across kids who lack confidence in their creativity.
i get that.
Sometimes it’s hard for kids to realize that there is a subject where you “can”t get it wrong!”
But here’s the powerful part… takes barely 5-10 minutes of encouragement …sitting right by them and really “seeing” their art, asking them about it, being impressed by their unique choices in color, or creative back-story or whatever….to build them up sky-high. It’s crazy. It’s beautiful. It’s magic.
It’s the one-on-one….the idea that another person doesn’t see their work as right or wrong….but sees the bits of THEMSELVES that they put into it – and are blown away.
This is why i make art books……not to create an idle activity, or to show kids ONE way to do something…..but to help them express themselves and take pride in the fact that THEIR work is not like anyone else’s….and that is AWESOME.
i’d love you guys to buy my books…not just bc it helps feed my kiddos, who are bottomless pits…..but because the books are tools. And some people really can use a little boost and a little prompt to get the creativity flowing. Use any book, or Pinterest post, or DIY video. It’s all good!! But just sit with your kids as they create, or sit with them to hear about what they’ve just created on their own….i swear you will see a change in them…for the better.
You can link to any of my books here. But honestly, it’s not about me. Use any tool you like to work your magic, and ignite that spark of confidence in your kids. -xo

This Busy Holiday!


Hello friends!

This holiday season is all abuzz here at my house. We are finishing up my new art studio inch by inch.

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 11.32.57 AM

If you follow, you know that our little house is busting at the seams since Baby Lang arrived 18 months ago and we set a plan into action to reclaim the bedroom my business occupies. We built on an art studio and have been slaving away at getting it finished up ever since. We’ve wired outlets at 1am. I chose a day of laying tile with friends as my 40th birthday gift. We’ve grouted the floor with the little kids fussing by the baby gate to get in. It’s been a labor of love…but i think we’re ready for it to be complete already! ; ) Soon!! Then i will be happy as pie with a view of the kids playing outside in the backyard and will have a little space to give some kids art lessons. i’m so excited!


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A Year of Doodles – monthly themed drawing tutorials for kids

My first online, kids-geared doodle program, Doodle Days of Summer, was a hit! i have been floored and humbled by the nice feedback you all have sent me! What i thought would just be some fun doodles, ended up being a big confidence builder for kids, and an activity they looked forward to week after week.

So i decided to keep going!

Here are the details for A Year of Doodles!

12 Archived doodle demo videos are accessible, one for each month of the year.  i’ll be offering some visuals and ideas for how you can apply each month’s doodle to actual projects…..teacher gifts, greeting cards, new year noisemakers. There will be a short section at the end of each tutorial that suggests some ways to put your doodles to use as a professional artist might!


Think; hearts in February, stars and stripes in July. Kids can use their doodles to make holiday cards, crafts, and decorations if they like. i will share ideas at the end of each video. : )

– Videos include a super fast-warp speed section showing me creating the doodle start to finish by hand. + a slower, step by step section

– Videos will be hosted on my Vimeo page online. When you register, you will receive a link to the group page and the password for the videos. Videos run about 25 minutes.

-You will have UNLIMITED! access to all videos. So feel free to use the tutorials at your own pace, on your own schedule.

-$20 per individual household/family

****Please note: if you are a camp administrator, scout leader, or teacher and would like to purchase for your group of 6 or more children, please contact me for group pricing. i am happy to provide it!

Feel free to register at any time and just start with whatever month is relevant.

Here’s a little teaser video i had created for the first Doodle Series that shows  a portion of what the tutorials will be like. Take a look to gauge whether the program will be appropriate for your little artist. FYI – Beta testing provided by my 8 year old son was a success! : ) Full length videos will feature the warp speed drawing section with upbeat music, PLUS the slowed down tutorial screen capture section with voice-over as i move through each step. Click the image below to view the video example on Vimeo.

Register Now! $20.00USD  United States Residents ONLY please.

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Kids Art Collaboration

A couple months ago, i put a shout out on my facebook page asking for some kiddos to try out a collaboration idea i had. i got a few takers and embarked on a sort of “art pen pal” project. What happened next was maybe the best experience in my art business so far. SO much joy and experimentation and fulfillment and surprise.

Basically, i mail out a blank canvas to each participant with some simple instructions, examples and tips about how i like to work. But i also encourage the kids to experiment and am sure to tell them “there is no wrong way.” Then i wait for the white canvases to come back to me with color! It’s like christmas when i see a manila envelope in the mailman’s hand!

Here is an example (left) of Layer 1 as it was sent back by one child (actually 3 siblings) and then the layer i added for my part (right). i then mailed the canvas back with more instruction and examples for round 2. Below (left) you see the kids’ next stage painting with their doodles added. Then (right) you see how i finished it off with a few of my own doodles and some colored in areas. i mailed the final back to the kids with my signature on the back and encouraged them to sign their names on the front or sides of the canvas, That’s it!

The whole process has been such great fun for me and getting to be part of an artistic journey with kids is so rewarding. Some of the moms have told me the kids feel nervous at first to “ruin” it all. But i hope they come away with the confidence to realize that they can’t possibly ruin their own art. Any mark they make speaks to their own creative eye and hand. It’s authentic and so (to me) it is good!! i’ve gotten such a variety of color combos, shapes and forms back. Some paintings feature neat, tidy brush strokes and some are made with wild abandon. It is just so awesome to see.

Here are some more in-progress images that have been coming out of this project.

The above is stage 2 and completion….

This one is stage 1 from my kiddo collaborator and then my additions – all ready to be shipped back through the mail.

…another stage 1 then my additions all ready for my partner to tackle stage 2.

…one last example of how they look when they first arrive back to me and then go back out for step 2.

In the course of creating these artworks, my wheels started turning, and one day i had a shower idea. Do you get all your best ideas in the shower? What is it? The smell of shampoo? The steam? Aaaaaaanyway, i thought; wouldn’t it be great to sell prints of the finished art in my etsy shop and contribute the proceeds to other kids? Maybe kids at CHOP? or a local arts program?

Kids helping kids through art!! AGHHHH!!! Do you love it!?

Of course, the kids would have to all give a thumbs up. i would never sell their work without permission or recompense. But the few i polled so far all seemed on board. So, when i have a collection of completed works in hand, i will be calling around to find a cause that will be a perfect fit. Oh happy day : )

For more information on these collaborations, take a look at the listing in my etsy shop! Or just follow along and try collaborating with your kiddos at home! You don’t need me! Trust me. You will surprise yourself and your kids will get a confidence boost times a jillion.

xo, s


New Stuff and a Giveaway

Bouffant 11×14 Art Print

i had every intention of posting a giveaway last week, and it completely got away from me.

So here we go now with some pictorial evidence of new stuff coming out of the studio and a GIVEAWAY grab bag of a few prints, selected by yours truly, to a random commenter on this post. Tell me if you have a favorite recent piece and why. i really want to know!



UPDATE****** a winner was chosen at random on april 16,2013 – Jennifer Kitakis, come on down! shoot me an email at to get details on your grab bag!


Night Bloomers – 36×36 acrylic on canvas
Commission – 16×20 Watercolor Family Portrait
BLUEMARINE 11×11 Art Print
Custom Name Watercolor 8×10
KRISTEN 11×11 Art Print of my original acrylic painting

inspired by kids

i have been working on a painting for a charity auction (with a little help from from my toddler) these past couple weeks. Specifically, it’s a painting for The Please Touch Museum of Philadelphia and their annual Great Friends to Kids Fundraising event. Kids are my heart. i always want to help. i always cry watching videos and reading stories about kids who are surviving against insurmountable odds and teaching us all how to get some perspective already! Right?

When in doubt….think like a kid and have joy like one.

These shots are in-progress, late-night : ) But when completed…i’ll post a lovely daylight shot : )


love me some disney channel

We watch a lot of Disney Channel around these parts. i’m a dork. i really enjoy it. Nice clean, wholesome humor and fun, bright wardrobe styling. The characters have zany mishaps and everything stays nice and light. i’m totally down with that.

So, it might come as no surprise that i think Selena Gomez is adorable. i like her FreePeople wardrobe on Wizards of Waverly Place. My son wants to marry her, AND i get her songs STUCK IN MY HEAD! For days i’ve been murmuring the lyrics to Love You Like A Love Song. Days.

So i translated it into a piece of artwork. See the light airiness above? That’s what came out of my fingers while listening to the happy-go-lucky stylings of Miss Selena. Are you reading this Selena? Thanks for the inspiration! : ) Its called LOVE SONG. You can have a print of your very own by clicking here. YAY! Thanks! : )

Also this week…..

i made some resin pendants with my artwork in them.

…and this happened. My little dude wearing flip-flops on top of flip flops. And looking so much like a handsome big-boy that i could cry. Slow down, G! i’m not done snuggling you yet.



a DIY tutorial with Lil Blue Boo


Last week i posted a cutie patootie tutorial i helped create with my friend, Ashley, at Lil Blue Boo. Ashley had asked me to illustrate a coloring-book-style backdrop for her adorable “Box o’ Princesses.” And NOW, we have a version for boys all ready for you as well. My illustrated download will again be a freebie. i hope your kiddos have a great time with it! i was inspired by my own little guy who has been peeking over my shoulder asking lots of excited questions as i created.

Just click here for the B&W, letter-size download that you can print at home. It includes a label for your box, the color-able BOY-VILLE backdrop, and some cool extras; a treasure chest, swords and shields and the requisite telephone booth any self-respecting superhero needs to change his persona.

Hope your little ones have a great time personalizing their own set!
Ashley’s super-cool example is shown below and tutorial is here.