Completed Works – Flower Stalker

Flower StalkerAs i explore using some more muted colors in tandem with the brights, i find myself creating lots of light-as-a-feather line sketches which i’m having fun overlapping on textured backgrounds. My muse is a baby girl’s nursery.

What would i want to hang on the wall in such a place? What kind of mood would i want to set?

It’s proving to be a fun challenge as i force myself to look at less saturated colors and interesting combinations of light and dark, subtlety and contrast. The exercise is also helping me to get a fresh perspective. Sometimes i find myself so bogged down in packing and shipping and emailing and tweeting, i forget that the art needs to come first and that i want to evolve and change. i will have to force myself out of my own box much more often in the future, because i like surprising myself. It’s fun! How would i ever have known i had this little ditty inside me if i hadn’t tried?

This print, titled “Flower Stalker”, is available in my etsy shop.