Love in Wonderland

I got to do a super fun commission recently for a customer who always makes my day with her unique ideas and excitement over the whole creative process. I was asked to make a keepsake piece of artwork for a bride, to be given at her bridal shower. The theme of the party was to be “Wonderland.” The concept was to combine some aspects of fashion illustration (the bride is quite the fashionista and has chosen beautiful attire for her big day) and some components of Wonderland. Here are some images of the basic process as it got underway.


Then here are some closeups that had a bit of gold sparkle. * and if you look closely, you will see some “patriotic” flowers that represent the groom.

JillWonderlandFINAL-WM_2 JillWonderlandFINAL-WM_3 JillWonderlandFINAL-WM_4

Finally, I really got inspired to create wrappings for the gift that would hint at elements of  the art. I found some plain white tissue paper flowers at Target, and spattered them with watercolor to represent the huge watercolor blooms in the art.


Then I wrapped the gift with B&W striped paper to mimic the striped flower stems in the art and coordinate with the B&W ink sketch. I finished with multi-colored floral ribbon and metallic gold ribbon to go along with the shimmery gold paint accents I’d used in the art. I made a matching card using elements from the painting and then decorated the chic black envelope with a glittery gold heart.


i LOVED working on this project and wish everyday could include special commissions just like it. If you would like to work with me on a special keepsake like this, please drop me a line and we’ll see what we can brainstorm together!!

Painted Words + Flowers

Kids’ nicknames are such sweet and personal kinds of things. i got it in me to start painting some nicknames in my watercolor sketchbook. Here are 2. You can grab a custom one featuring your own cutie’s nickname in my etsy shop.


i’ve also got a nice, loose and scribbly floral for ya’ll today called Blue Ink + Blooms. Find this one on etsy also…. 

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New Painting – FLOURISH

One of my favorite things to do is “recreate” a painting i’ve already “finished.”

This painting, entitled FLOURISH, is just such a piece. i painted the soft periwinkle and magenta background quite some time ago. i was in a very soft state of mind then. i was experimenting with blending and color stories. Fast forward to now and i’ve sort of found a much different voice. So i overlaid my previously “finished” painting with a massive riot of exploding blooms and colorfully intricate petals and “flourishes.”

The painting is done on a 20×20 gallery wrapped canvas.

11×11 prints are available in my etsy shop.

Completed Works – Flower Stalker

Flower StalkerAs i explore using some more muted colors in tandem with the brights, i find myself creating lots of light-as-a-feather line sketches which i’m having fun overlapping on textured backgrounds. My muse is a baby girl’s nursery.

What would i want to hang on the wall in such a place? What kind of mood would i want to set?

It’s proving to be a fun challenge as i force myself to look at less saturated colors and interesting combinations of light and dark, subtlety and contrast. The exercise is also helping me to get a fresh perspective. Sometimes i find myself so bogged down in packing and shipping and emailing and tweeting, i forget that the art needs to come first and that i want to evolve and change. i will have to force myself out of my own box much more often in the future, because i like surprising myself. It’s fun! How would i ever have known i had this little ditty inside me if i hadn’t tried?

This print, titled “Flower Stalker”, is available in my etsy shop.