sweet commission

Here’s little something  i’ve been working on….yep, still taped to my art board….

My friend commissioned this sketch for her boyfriend who is from the town where this gate is a landmark. Such a sweet thought, right? i hope he likes it.

Here’s a little info on the gate/arch.

From Wikipedia:

Qur’ān Gate (Persian: دروازه قرآن, Darvāzeh Ghor’ān) is a historic gate in the southern-central Persian city of Shiraz.

It is located at the northeastern entrance of the city, on the way to Marvdasht and Isfahan, between Baba Kouhi and Chehel Magham Mountains near Allah-O-Akbar Gorge.[1]


The Gate was first built during the reign of ‘Adud ad-Dawla. By the time of the Zand dynasty, it had sustained a lot of damage, so it was restored and a small room on top was added, in which were kept hand-written Qur’āns by Sultan Ibrahim Bin Shahrukh Gurekani. The two Qur’āns are known as Hifdah-Man.[1] Travelers passing underneath the gates were believed to receive the blessing of the Holy Book as they began their trip or journey from Shiraz.

During the Qajar dynasty, the gate was damaged by multiple earthquakes; it was later restored by Mohammad Zaki Khan Nouri.[1] In 1937 the two Qur’āns were taken from the gate and were taken to the Pars Museum in Shiraz, where they remain today. In 1949 the arch of the gate was restored by Hosein Igar, a merchant also known as E’temad Al-Tejar.[1]

Today the gates are part of a city park where Shirazis relax and picnic during their leisure hours.

work in progress…. an illustration of a cute surfer

This cute surfer is new to the sport and loving it. His awesome mama commissioned this fun illustration to commemorate the birth of a new obsession! : )

The image above is a combo of a pencil sketch and some graphics tablet sketching once the original was scanned and opened in Photoshop. i also was able to give the client several color scheme options by adding color in layers in PS so it could be changed easily.

Since the proof has been approved, i’ll move onto the final, original artwork that will be inked on bristol board and colored with watercolor, marker and colored pencil.