need it on my wall – a necklace?

Beer Bottlecap Necklace

This necklace, made of vintage beer bottlecaps and chandelier crystals, is mesmerizing to me. It’s so over the top, that i’m not sure my personality is big enough to carry it off. Aptly, the etsian who created it, goes by the seller name, Over the Top. The items in the shop definitely suit the name.

So, while i fear i lack the swagger this necklace might demand of its wearer, it makes me smile everytime i look at it! i’m not a big beer drinker, but i adore the design and color combo of the bottlecaps. i’m not usually a big statement necklace kinda gal, but i love the playfulness and in-your-face “I’m bringing my own good time!” attitude it gives. The color palette is gorgeous and the overall design/scale/composition is just so good! And since i generally try to live without fear when it comes to fashion, i’d be a sissy to shy away from a piece just because it’s bold, right? Rule #1:  If something makes me smile, i wear it. Naysayers can zip the lip. : )

So yeah…i think i’d rock this to a bowling party with some old tattered jeans and a tee shirt. But then i’d come home and pin it up into an ornate, yellow glossy frame, lined with linen just the color of this mannequin in the pic, so it could be on display on my wall when it wasn’t around my neck. Mad props to Over the Top for pushing the limits and making me push mine!

that’s so ME! – and it came today in the mail!

Turkey Package

Here is the cutest little story about the sweetest Etsy seller across the world in Turkey who sent me this beautiful package and made my day.

Way back around Valentine’s Day i found this amazing little beaded cuff bracelet on Etsy. It was made by a seller called Irregular Expressions. The shop is a wonder. It is filled with gorgeous and “irregular”, unique accessories. You should visit the shop, like NOW. Anyway, my husband told me to order the bracelet as my Valentines gift since i loved it so much. It took about 2 seconds for me to click thru on Paypal. DONE!

Then the agony of waiting began. The package arrived stateside, in New York, on 2/20. BUT, the bracelet apparently liked the sights and sounds of the customs hold in NYC, so it decided to stay there indefinitely. i talked with the USPS, i convo’d IE. Poor Aysegul (the darling woman behind the awesome etsy shop) felt so bad. She refunded my money! i assured her i was not going to let a little red tape get me down, and not to worry. And lo and behold, just 2 days later, my mailman comes trotting up my drive with a precious, crackly envelope just for me. It was scrumptious on the outide with it’s perfect texture and lovely postage and stamps….but the contents blew my mind.

This is what was inside:

Turkey Pkg Collage

…an embroidered, waxed paper envelope with handmade toggle closure!? wow! and, um… you SEE the amazing earrings? They were just a special treat from Aysegul (probably because we got so friendly in the convos leading up to my order- i have crazy tiny wrists and they customized my purchase….i’m a pain) …then the glorious bracelet which fit perfectly! i have a permanent smile on my face today.

Total happy ending. First thing i did was write a convo to Aysegul and re-pay my bill. All’s well in etsy-land. Can’t wait to choose my next precious from this phenomenal shop!