Jumble of Catch Up!

Howdy strangers! Sorry i’ve been away. i’ve been seeing a lot of facebook lately. i think we’re in a co-dependent relationship. (Its just so easy and immediate!)  It’s been causing me to neglect my blog. Well, that and the fact i forgot how to login to my admin panel after having my entire hard drive replaced on my computer a few weeks back. i’ll admit, i abused the browser’s auto-fill-in feature and each time i’d go to login with the admin URL, i’d just click on the one that auto-filled. Pathetic, i know. It’s like forgetting your own cell phone number because YOU never dial it. duh.

ANYWAY! Here is some colorful catchup for you all. Just some pretties that have churned out since last post.

{above: completed 36×36 acrylic painting titled “Free Spirit” – donated to The Please Touch Museum for their annual Great Friends to Kids event and auction. Paper prints available in my etsy shop.}

Illustration of my favorite Christmas Tradition for The Sandbucket Magazine

Custom Commissioned Wine Cask for a client whose husband is building them a wine cellar.

Tee Shirt Design to benefit The Gold Hope Project

Free Downloadable Art Kit Label as part of a collaboration with Lil Blue Boo. Be sure to check out the labels i shared with LBB for the ART JOURNAL KIT too!

A christmas-i-fied version of one of my popular custom Fashionista illustrations for kids : ) Fashionistas are so much fun. Find the listing in my etsy shop!

Art-in-Miniature bracelets! Fun little accessories i made with some jewelry blanks and teeny print of my favorite art pieces from this year!

Paillets Christmas ornament. dozens of tiny circles punched out of my art prints are decoupaged to this one-of-a-kind ornament for your tree.

Art Everyday Desk Calendar. 12 little prints that can be framed on their own once the year is through. Available here.

One of dozens of my handmade holiday ornaments. Currently sold out, but the last small-quantity batch will list to my etsy shop monday, 12/10/12 at 12 noon est.

Last, but not least; homemade christmas ornaments for my own family. These are cut from heavy mat board and wrapped with variegated, knotted yarn. The initial far right is for our new addition coming Spring 2013!

Lovin this time of year ya’ll!! -xo

inspired by kids

i have been working on a painting for a charity auction (with a little help from from my toddler) these past couple weeks. Specifically, it’s a painting for The Please Touch Museum of Philadelphia and their annual Great Friends to Kids Fundraising event. Kids are my heart. i always want to help. i always cry watching videos and reading stories about kids who are surviving against insurmountable odds and teaching us all how to get some perspective already! Right?

When in doubt….think like a kid and have joy like one.

These shots are in-progress, late-night : ) But when completed…i’ll post a lovely daylight shot : )


sneekity peekity – for a cause

October is all about Breast Cancer Awareness! Tickled Pink Stamps Australia commissioned me to draw up 2 rubber stamp designs that will be produced and sold with a portion of profits donated.

Since there are so many other causes marked by ribbons of various colors as well,  we decided to keep the 2 designs neutral, merely featuring plain ribbons. This way, they can be colored any which way making the stamps versatile for lots of users! Make a flyer, a sticker, an email for your event or fundraiser! We’ve got you covered and you’re donating just by purchasing.

These 2 ladies are e not available just yet at TPS, but i’ll let you know when they are.