Week in Review

i had so many very different projects on my plate this week! Here is a recap in pictures of some of what churned out of the studio! (Above: PIXIE – 36×36 acrylic on canvas)

…a fun, FREE printable for Lil Blue Boo. Click the image to link over to the post and download!

….a custom commissioned growth chart. Acrylic on unstretched canvas that was trimmed, hemmed and painted to order.

…another custom commission. A sketch of some fun BFFs for a birthday gift!

Some other fun projects were completed that i can’t share quite yet, but will soon!

The most momentous part of my week was actually, literally, for realz….sending a proper, formal book proposal out to a publisher for an instructional drawing book i’ve had brewing in my head. These types of things are ones i ALWAYS want to do, but never get up the courage to do. But i did it. Sooooo…..now the waiting comes which is kinda anti-climactic? haha.

Have a great Thursday/Friday everyone!


some fun sketches


i’ve been sketching a lot this past week. Did you ever get inspired by a particular look, styling, mood and then just run like crazy with it? Yep. That’s been happening ’round here. So here are some of the goodies; new prints for my etsy shop,  cartoon-ified avatars, and a cutie little illustration of one customer’s impossibly adorable little boy.

completed work – A customKids Illustration

This piece was commissioned by a customer who had seen my “imagination” print in my etsy shop.

With a little modification and help from the customer, who was designing a big-kid-room with a moroccan flair for her daughter, we came up with the art above. It depicts the owner of the new, fanci-fied room doing what she loves best – dancing. Bold colors, textures and a hint at a Moroccan arch are added to make the theme POP!

This piece will be a surprise if mom can hold it in!

Drop me a line via my contact page if you’d like to work with me on your own project for a special occasion or special someone.

The faceless stage…the part you don’t see

i get commissioned to do illustrations of people for special occasions a fair amount. Weddings and engagements seem to be the most popular.

In doing these projects, i spend the bulk of my time working on the faces, and i usually keep the face studies separate from the overall composition sketches.

Then, when faces are finalized, i plop them into the composition digitally using photoshop.

i thought it’d be fun to show you one of the completed composition inks…..sans faces. {above}

Creepy, right? i have tons of pages like this!

They’re less freaky when they’re finished : )


work in progress…. an illustration of a cute surfer

This cute surfer is new to the sport and loving it. His awesome mama commissioned this fun illustration to commemorate the birth of a new obsession! : )

The image above is a combo of a pencil sketch and some graphics tablet sketching once the original was scanned and opened in Photoshop. i also was able to give the client several color scheme options by adding color in layers in PS so it could be changed easily.

Since the proof has been approved, i’ll move onto the final, original artwork that will be inked on bristol board and colored with watercolor, marker and colored pencil.