love me some disney channel

We watch a lot of Disney Channel around these parts. i’m a dork. i really enjoy it. Nice clean, wholesome humor and fun, bright wardrobe styling. The characters have zany mishaps and everything stays nice and light. i’m totally down with that.

So, it might come as no surprise that i think Selena Gomez is adorable. i like her FreePeople wardrobe on Wizards of Waverly Place. My son wants to marry her, AND i get her songs STUCK IN MY HEAD! For days i’ve been murmuring the lyrics to Love You Like A Love Song. Days.

So i translated it into a piece of artwork. See the light airiness above? That’s what came out of my fingers while listening to the happy-go-lucky stylings of Miss Selena. Are you reading this Selena? Thanks for the inspiration! : ) Its called LOVE SONG. You can have a print of your very own by clicking here. YAY! Thanks! : )

Also this week…..

i made some resin pendants with my artwork in them.

…and this happened. My little dude wearing flip-flops on top of flip flops. And looking so much like a handsome big-boy that i could cry. Slow down, G! i’m not done snuggling you yet.