Love in Wonderland

I got to do a super fun commission recently for a customer who always makes my day with her unique ideas and excitement over the whole creative process. I was asked to make a keepsake piece of artwork for a bride, to be given at her bridal shower. The theme of the party was to be “Wonderland.” The concept was to combine some aspects of fashion illustration (the bride is quite the fashionista and has chosen beautiful attire for her big day) and some components of Wonderland. Here are some images of the basic process as it got underway.


Then here are some closeups that had a bit of gold sparkle. * and if you look closely, you will see some “patriotic” flowers that represent the groom.

JillWonderlandFINAL-WM_2 JillWonderlandFINAL-WM_3 JillWonderlandFINAL-WM_4

Finally, I really got inspired to create wrappings for the gift that would hint at elements of  the art. I found some plain white tissue paper flowers at Target, and spattered them with watercolor to represent the huge watercolor blooms in the art.


Then I wrapped the gift with B&W striped paper to mimic the striped flower stems in the art and coordinate with the B&W ink sketch. I finished with multi-colored floral ribbon and metallic gold ribbon to go along with the shimmery gold paint accents I’d used in the art. I made a matching card using elements from the painting and then decorated the chic black envelope with a glittery gold heart.


i LOVED working on this project and wish everyday could include special commissions just like it. If you would like to work with me on a special keepsake like this, please drop me a line and we’ll see what we can brainstorm together!!

flakes are fun

PassionFlakeJustine Smith, of Handmade Blogger/Handmade Marketer fame, contacted me to create a header for her new personal blog, coming soon to a web browser near you. The directive was to create a Burton-esque-Alice-in-Wonderland-theme with a color scheme of Justine’s choosing. i wanted to do a loose, vibrant coloring in the background. i think the watercolor textures fit the bill nicely. But then, i love watercolor, so i am biased!

i love the name of the blog.


i identify with it. It is so very human. i don’t know about all of you, but i wanna be friends with those people who are highly passionate, but can also be a little flakey. Flakes are fun. Perfection 100% of the time is so unapproachable! So, kudos to Justine for coming up with such a poetic title and i am so happy she asked me to help her with her vision.

dashes – recap on my alice invite


Just a quick recap. You all remember my process posts on this Alice in Wonderland themed party invite i illustrated a few weeks back? Well, the actual celebration went down yesterday! My friend, jackie and her husband threw the most wonderful, and fun birthday celebration for their two children whose birthdays are actually on consecutive days. One turned 6 and the other turned 4. Talk about a class act! This party had it all; children’s theater production of Alice in Wonderland, popcorn bags filled with treats and theater-themed toys, a buffet of kid-friendly food and THIS amazing 2-decker cake made by Clay’s Bakery in Paoli, PA. They took lead from the invite and even made sugar transfers of the 2 characters for cookies adhered to the first layer!  And here is our birthday girl (below) staring at the glow of birthday candles. i love when a theme flows through a party front to back. And i LOVE being one piece if the puzzle.


…and this post couldn’t be complete without the smiling birthday boy : )


Completed Works – “Alice” Invitation

Alice Invite Color-web

Here is the color version of the Alice in Wonderland art i’ve been working on for a custom kiddie party invitation. The final layout has more details printed at the bottom, but ya’ll don’t need to see that. None of us are invited anyway.

i used Spectracolor markers and Prismacolor pencils to bring this to life. Feels good to be done, now onto the next!

Works in Progress – installment #2

Since i’ve shared this on twitter/flickr in the past few days, i know it won’t be a surprise to everyone, but this is my current work-in-progress. So here we go. Quite a bit of my design business (read; day job) is creating custom illustrations for individual clients. The rest is commercial desgin work, but that’s a story for another day ; ) The images below show my first 2 proofs for a client whose kids are having a birthday celebration at a local theater where the kids will be treated to a live stage performance. The final round will be to add color. i’ll then have these printed locally and deliver them with pretty matching colored envelopes!

Alice in Wonderland Kiddie Invite WIP