Thursday Work in Progress

Every new year, i try my best to get on a regular blogging schedule. Historically, i fall apart somewhere along the line and let myself get bogged down in deadlines. BUT!! Try, try again, i say. : ) So here is an easy peasy thursday post. WORK IN PROGRESS! How hard can that be to maintain, right? There always seems to be a work in progress around this joint.

This one is a 36×36 acrylic that is due tomorrow…..well, its closeup is due tomorrow. It’s my signature piece for a juried show i’m doing in April and the show coordinators need photos of every participant’s work for their catalog by tomorrow. Can you say, procrastination? Yep. i can.

i’ve had an idea in my head all winter break for some new paintings that would incorporate subtle tonalities of darks and lights (black/navy/charcoal/smoke and white/buff/cream/cement) with my love of brights and neons. i didn’t know how it would all come together. i figured i’d experiment on the canvas and see what happened. The image above is the result of 3 frustrating sessions. i was actually doing that thing i’ve read about where artists work out their issues on the canvas – ha!

i loved the idea, felt hopeful at my beginning stages, hated the whole darn thing for about 4 hours….pushed through…..had a spark of inspiration….and now the paint and i are getting along again.  i think it’s finally headed in the right direction. I’m calling it (and the 3 smaller companion pieces that i’ll also submit) “Paper Chains.” It just jumped out at me and now i am in love with the concept.

Funny how that happens.

For me, if every painting isn’t my “new favorite” while i’m painting it, i’m not happy. So far, so good! Fingers crossed! Hopefully more back-to-back NCIS episodes will be similarly inspiring for me tonight as i finish : )

i will be sure to post the lil babies, and whole dang Paper Chain family when they are all done and cozy together.

New ARtwork – That ARtsy Girl

That ARtsy Girl – 12×17 (image area) in acrylic and collage on watercolor paper

i painted this small as a color study. Painting small really helps me with freedom of color selection, layout and experimentation. It feels less “heavy” than when i am painting on a huge canvas – less pressure. And that often yields results that i really end up liking.

How about you all? Any strategies for energizing your creative mojo?

New Painting – FLOURISH

One of my favorite things to do is “recreate” a painting i’ve already “finished.”

This painting, entitled FLOURISH, is just such a piece. i painted the soft periwinkle and magenta background quite some time ago. i was in a very soft state of mind then. i was experimenting with blending and color stories. Fast forward to now and i’ve sort of found a much different voice. So i overlaid my previously “finished” painting with a massive riot of exploding blooms and colorfully intricate petals and “flourishes.”

The painting is done on a 20×20 gallery wrapped canvas.

11×11 prints are available in my etsy shop.