story behind the art – can you guess?


Tables are turned.

Sometimes when you’re trying to paint one thing…another emerges. A Happy Accident.

i’d like to give a free 8×10 print of any piece of art in my etsy shop to the first reader who can correctly tell the story behind this art. How do you think it was it made? What materials were used? What tools? Does it convey meaning or represent an emotion?

i know what it says to me when i look at it, and how it makes me feel….but how about you? Double points for colorful (pun intended) answers.


ok ladies, so brooke was pretty spot on. But the things i was wiping were little fingers.

i taught an art class to 3,4,5 year olds yesterday and we were learning about Mondrian. They were making black marker grids on white posterboard and painting in spaces using only red, yellow and blue poster paint.
That’s right.
all the color blending on the crumply paper towel was just a lovely happy accident. And yes, Rosie, i DID think the shape looked like butterfly wings. i looked down at the towel and just couldn’t throw it away. So i acted like a crazy lady and tucked it into my bag to bring home.
i scanned it in and duplicated it once (so you see 2 “butterflies”) and that’s it.

Funny how and art project with rigid black lines and bold primary colors could turn into something so soft and precious. The fact that my students little messy fingers created the image (and yesterday was the last class session for the year – sad) make it all the more sweet to me.

So choose your prize, Brooke!

peace out.


  1. says

    Ok, I’m just winging it here! lol
    It looks to me like this was some sort of clean up after a kids activity. The paper towels make me think of when I was in elementary school and how we used them to clean up after art class. Tools used could be watercolors, like the bright, inky kind, with brushes maybe?

    The colors remind me of Rainbow Brite! And that, in turn, makes me think of summers up at our lake house (where I left my Rainbow Brite doll)…kinda weird how this beautiful “accident” got me to that, but… 🙂

  2. says

    Looks to me, too like you were wiping your brushes.

    But what is amazing in to me is how it looks like butterflies fluttering or perhaps angels …

    Not really an entry to the contest ~ just an in awe of your fabulous talent 🙂

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