Making a New Studio

Construction photos are likely boring to everyone but me, i know it!! But windows and doors and such happened today, and i get excited by small things. Promise i won’t post any other photos til the new studio is done, and there are more interesting things to see. Maybe by then all the grass will be filled back in too.

See my boys in the left photo? They are checking out the peaked ceiling which is maybe my favorite part. The top right shows the doors on the backyard side which will let me see the kids playing while i work. We will put an awning and little patio wrap-around there eventually. The last photo shows our little house looking a wee bit wider now with the studio on the far left. The front studio window is slated to have a little window seat so i can be like Pearl on 227 and see all the comings and goings of the mailman and visitors and such ; ) i’m nosy like that.


  1. says

    Construction photos are NOT boring! I love seeing people’s progress on their projects. That will will be so amazing when it is finished, lucky you!

  2. Clara says

    Congrats on your new studio coming along! I think it’s awesome that we are able to see your new studio under construction. It’s going to be even better when we will see from this stage to your finished studio, I’m excited for you! Lol Btw your creations are beautiful, and so inspiring. I found your site by way of lilblueboo, another inspiring Pinterest find. I hope, hope, hope that you will be doing your current online beginners class more than once, I would love to participate.

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