New Art work – “beautiful mess”

Beautiful MessThis is my latest completed artwork. It is a marriage of 3 elements of my signature-style. Below, i’ll tell you how i made it, so you can make a similar piece if you’re feeling all artsy, and i’ll tell you where to get this one if you wanna to take the shorter route to splash some color on your wall.

Beautiful Mess STEPS

step 1: I made a black ink drawing full of swirls and curliques in my favorite twirly way.

step 2: i scanned that, then dragged another piece of my artwork (a fully saturated and detailed marker & pencil illustration) into the photoshop doc on another layer

step 3: i made a mask out of the black line drawing and applied it to the color layer.

step 4: i made layer copies of that cool form and layered them over each other until i liked the design

step 5: i dragged in the background layer….a scan of a painted/stained wood board i made.

…a few tweaks, tugs, and fiddlings with settings & saturations later….voila! i came out with this. It’s a combo of 3 of my favorite design elements that come together in what i think is a Beautiful Mess. And whaddya know? You can make one yours, if you like, by shopping here.


  1. says

    thank you, tara! combining seemingly clashing elements into an image that is beautiful is always my goal!….i overuse the word “juxtaposition” but there you go : )

  2. NeonMaple says

    I love how you used the computer as a tool to connect physical, handmade elements. I rarely like digital art this much! Beautiful. You have a new subscriber!

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