any random tuesday

I’ve told this story before.

When my husband and i first started dating, i learned that N is not the mushy kind of guy. Sentiment is not his game. He is awesome and caring and funny and scary smart, but not super expressive about his feelings. i couldn’t count on him to remember anniversaries or birthdays. He wasn’t one to plan romantic dates or trips. It was kind of a bummer since he was just so darned perfect me in almost every other way.

But then, one day while i was at work (i had an office job a long time ago!) i got a delivery. A big bouquet of flowers.

The card simple said, “for a random tuesday”

i had a lightbulb moment.

N might not make the grand gestures at the conventional times, but on his own time, it was there.

In the months that followed, i was often surprised to find little treats here and there….a can of my favorite wasabi peas on my doorstep when i went out one morning for work….a snickers bar on the shelf in the refrigerator after a rough week….even a quick drive-by my office to deliver a starbucks brownie frappucino.

All random acts, that still pop up on occasion even 10 years later.

All started on one random tuesday.


  1. Megan hutchison says

    My guy is just the same way! back in the day he would send flowers to me at school. The cards always said ‘just because’

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