A Giving Heart Giveaway for Mother’s Day

A Giving Heart Coloring Book for Mother's Day Bundle

The release date of my newest book, A Giving Heart, has finally arrived! And I’m excited to give away 7 prize bundles to celebrate!

This book is so close to my heart. It is full of inspiring quotes and scripture verses celebrating motherhood. It also features lots of pages without text. For those pages, I created fun florals, mandalas, and images that represent many of the things the mamas in my life really love. Um, there is a page full of coffee/tea/hot chocolate mugs, a page with a sewing machine, and a page with brushes and easel, a page with a camera, an angel, and more! I put a lot of thought into creating something for everyone. I hope you will find lots of pages that resonate with you!

The pages are printed with art on one side only in a square format. This makes your masterpieces easy to remove and frame. Work on the art together with your mom, grandmom, or children. Make it a togetherness activity and frame the results as a memory.

Whether you ARE a mom, HAVE a mom, or PLAY THE PART of a mom, this book is for you. We’ve released it just in time for Mother’s Day and there is a beautiful bookplate page in the front to fill in if you are giving it as a gift. If you are a dad, snag a book and have your kids get it started by coloring a page they think best represents their mom before wrapping it.

I have such amazing memories of coloring with my mom when i was a kid. It was such a great time to talk to each other and make something beautiful at the same time. I’d love this book to be the vehicle for that kind of memory-making for all of you, too.

A Giving Heart Coloring Book for Mother's Day  - Win a copy! I’ve put together 7 prize bundles if you’d like to enter below. Winner will receive a signed copy of the book, a color-able card with envelope  just perfect for Mother’s Day giving, plus an art print featuring one of the pages in the book colored by yours truly. The print measures 9×9 and is made on beautiful matte paper, signed on the back, then packaged with rigid backing in a clear cello sleeve. The bundle is worth about $35 retail and would be such a sweet gift to give or keep.

A Giving Heart Coloring Book for Mother's Day Show some love to a wonderful mother in your life. And please, please spread the word for me by sharing this post if you’d like.  I truly appreciate it!

There are several ways to enter via Rafflecopter below, plus an entry if you leave a comment here on this post telling me about a special motherhood memory you have, either with a mother figure in your life, or with your own kids/grandkids. I can’t wait to read them all.

PS – whether you win a book or buy one, i’d LOVE to see photos of you using it, or finished pages you’ve colored. please share on social media with the hashtag #AGivingHeartColoringBook

A Giving Heart Giveaway Prize Package Includes:

A Signed Copy of A Giving Heart

Physical Print of the Crowded Flowers Illustration I Colored

A Color-able Mother’s Day Card Created from the Mom Make it all Better Page in the Book




a Rafflecopter giveaway

*No purchase necessary to enter or win. A purchase or payment will not increase your chances of winning. A Giving Heart Giveaway begins on 4/4/17 and ends at midnight on 4/11/17. Entrants must be legal residents of the U.S., and DC who are at least 18 years of age. Void outside the U.S., and DC, and where prohibited. One (1) Mother’s Day Gift approximately valued at $35 will be awarded to seven (7) winners. Odds of winning depend upon the number of eligible entries received. Winners will be chosen via Rafflecopter.com on 4/12/17 and announced by 4/14/17 at this post and will be contacted via email. Winners will have 24 hours to respond before a new winner will be selected. Void where prohibited. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook or Instagram.












  1. says

    Motherhood has been the greatest adventure. Just finding out I was pregnant both times was huge since it wasn’t supposed to happen on its own. My girls are truly a gift from God 🙂

  2. says

    I just posted a recipe on my blog for egg salad, and it has me thinking about making it the same way with my mom every year when I was younger. She always gave us special jobs to do, and my favorite was peeling the eggs. Now I get to do the same thing with my kids!

  3. Pamela Reid says

    Your new book is beautiful. My mother is gone to be with our heavenly Father, but I remember many times sitting with her at our dining room table working on jigsaw puzzles. I miss her. I now sit with my grandchildren and great grandchildren coloring at the coffee table. Memories so wonderful!

  4. Charla Smith says

    Stephanie is one of my favorite artists. Everything is whimsical & lovely! I always buy two coloring books- one for home & one for the doctor’s office where I work. Little girls love it (& so do parents).

  5. Kelly says

    A special motherhood moment in my life is being fortunate to be able to stay at home with my daughter’s and soak up all of these memories with them. Taking them to the park, trips to the library, and random surprise ice cream treats during the day. Seeing their sleepy faces first thing in the morning and snuggling. Listening to them sing songs in the car. Giggling until our cheeks hurt! These memories I hold so dear to my heart!

  6. Destiny brown says

    This is a funny special motherhood moment between my mom and me when i was younger. She had picked me up from dance class and took me to get a hamburger for dinner – drive thru… well I didn’t want lettuce and they put lettuce. She scraped off as much as she could and gave it back to me. Being the difficult one at the moment I continued to complain. Well she had had enough and threw it out the window. Haha well she always ate the peppermint and I picked it up and threw it out my window. Haha
    We have laughed about this ever since! Haha

  7. says

    This ia such a gorgeous book! My mom has always been my best friend. We are so much alike. We like the same things. We will be shopping together on opposite sides of the rack and pick up the same item and simultaneously say, “This is cute!”

  8. Wehaf says

    I remember being a small girl and having my mother brush my hair. It was a simple act, but so full of love.

  9. Mary Jo says

    My mother suffered a stroke several months ago but by the grace of God she made a miraculous recovery. She just found out that she is at risk for another stroke and is awaiting a surgery date to remove a blockage from her carotid artery. This just reaffirms how precious my mother is to my family and that she should never be taken for granted. I hope and pray that she will be with us this mother’s day and many more to come.

  10. Rochelle T. says

    My girls and I love to color! They prefer gel pens and we sit at the counter and each have our own picture and color and chat! I still have coloring books I’ve had since I was 16 (and I’ll be 40 very soon)!

  11. Chrystyba says

    My most favorite thing to do with my Mom when I was a kid was spend the entire day at the mall shopping. That’s was always our getaway from life!

  12. Anne S. says

    Doing art with my children since the were old enough to hold a crayon! Now they are both artistic!

  13. lisa says

    Love to Win this , lost my mom years ago .. and now am a mom myself. . Love your art!!

  14. Kelly Aubert says

    My favorite thing in life is being a mom! My boys are in their 20s and I am so looking forward to grandchildren! When they are ready of course!!! I love art and I can’t wait to share that with little ones. I will have more time now than when my kids were little.

  15. says

    The first time my babies brought me a flower, usually a dandelion was my sweetest memory. I remember picking them and bringing my mom a bouquet. Then this week my little grandson brought me a dandelion and said pretty. What a sweet memory.

  16. Jennifer Tejada says

    Love this! My mother was a single mom. Not an easy job. Despite working sometimes two jobs to make ends meet she always made time to craft with me and now I craft with my daughter. This would make a wonderful gift for my mom. Thank you!

  17. MIchelle says

    I think being a mother has taught me more about life, then I taught my kiddos.

    I have the privilege of caring and loving my own widowed mother now… life’s circle!!

  18. says

    The first Mother’s Day I had as a mom was two days after I brought my baby home from the hospital. I was so happy to take my little girl to church for the first time and spend the day with my family, enjoying this new little life and welcoming her into our home as I celebrated being a mom for the first time.

  19. Harley says

    Thank you so much for putting together this giveaway. Your art is wonderful and I love coloring with my daughter! 🙂

    Right now, my life is very hectic. I’m working a lot, going to grad school and trying to take care of my daughter/ home – as a single mom. I’m lucky that my mom helps out during this season and the summer when I’m going to be locked up in my house cramming & passing the 4 CPA exams. My daughter is 8 and has been the most understanding, positive, and supportive person I’ve ever known. She knows this season is the worst but after we get through it, we’ll have so much to do and look forward to. She keeps me inspired to continue on this journey and to get to the end. She gives me hugs and will play calm games (such as coloring!) when I’m too tired to play anything very active. She knows me better than anyone and I couldn’t be where I am today with her. 🙂 I love that kid. We are planning a road trip for summer 2018 to celebrate this season being over and it makes me feel so excited and full of energy to think of. Gets me through those tough days. Not sure if this counts as a special memory, but I wanted to honor my daughter for all she’s done for me, as a mother.

  20. Darcee says

    We recently adopted 10 month old twins, but before we could adopt the twins, they were placed with an incredible foster family. I was so worried about if the twins would be loved or if they would be neglected. The amazing foster mom not only loved the twins, but she loved us. It didn’t matter if she had the babies for 2 weeks, 2 months, or 2 years, she loved them with her whole heart for as long as she could. She is the perfect definition of what motherhood is all about.

  21. Mahdi Martin says

    My mom used to make the most creative gifts for Christmas. One year she make a whole Native American setup for my dolls. A teepee with all the accessories!

  22. Crissie Woolard says

    Everything about motherhood is wonderful! There are so many special memories and moments every day !

  23. Heather Kelly says

    Tonight, when my 4 1/2 year old passed all of the tests that the staff at the local Elementary school had to throw at her to see if she was ready for kindergarten! She’s so smart! I’m so proud of her! I’ve been homeschooling her for PreK, and she’s doing so well.

  24. Janelle says

    One of my favorite memories of motherhood is reading aloud to our kids. The first time they heard “The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe” and the Harry Potter series were so fun to witness. They were mesmerized and it was such great family time.

  25. kim dwyer says

    Singing the song ~ You Are MY Sunshine to my 3 kids and soon to be singing it to my first grandbaby girl due in August. <3

  26. Helen says

    I love curling up with my little girl and taking a nap. They are so sweet when they are sleeping.

  27. Julie Waldron says

    My favorite mom moments are when my daughters were born and when they were toddlers. They have now grown into beautiful young women that I am so proud of.

  28. Darlene Owen says

    I loved becoming a mother, we waited 10 years before trying so when it happened we were over the moon. I loved nurturing my two boys.

  29. Stephanie Crane says

    I love that every one of your pieces is filled with joy. Not just calm or sweet or quiet pretty….. but alive and singing with color. So amazing.

  30. Kat Emerick says

    A special motherhood moment in my life is watching my son being born after the doctor said I would never have children.

  31. Kristi McCandless says

    Sharing my love of art and creating with my daughter. We are both huge fans of anything Stephanie Corfee! She just had an assignment for advanced art tonight to choose two artists and create an ATC in the style of each. She chose Stephanie as one of the artists!

  32. Lisa Coomer Queen says

    I always say that being a Mother and a Nana are my greatest accomplishments.

  33. Amber Cheras says

    I remember my mom taking me to the park every weekend and we would have a picnic. Priceless memories!

  34. Angela Saver says

    My special memories of motherhood are giving birth to my two beautiful children!

  35. Mandy says

    I’m still on my motherhood journey and its definitely a work in progress. But, man, who knew it was possible for so much love to exist? I think being a parent is the only way to experience the heartache God must feel watching His creation, His heart, literally living outside his body. Motherhood is the most giving and taking thing I have ever done. It’s a beautiful mess.

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