Fun Sketchbook Giveaway!

The summer has flown by in a flurry of late nights with the baby, early mornings…with the baby and the big boys (why don’t they understand how great sleeping in is!?), projects, deadlines, lots of video editing (Doodle Days) and Lord knows what all else. i feel as though my productivity putting out fresh art has slowed so much. i feel like i haven’t posted nearly enough pretty things for you all!

SO! A Giveaway to close out this crazy whirlwind of a summer, and encourage you guys (and myself) to crank up the creativity this fall.

i painted the cover of a cute little sketchbook and want to send it off to one of you lovely people. If you win, you have to promise to post your first sketch in it onto my facebook page, ok???

To enter, simply comment here saying how you will fill the pages…sketches? marker drawings? portraits? poems? doodles? There’s no wrong answer! i’ll use a random number generator to choose a winner from the comments next week. Please comment just once : ) But SHARE the post with your creative friends, so they can take a chance too.

UPDATE: this giveaway is now over and the winner has received her prize! Congratulations Britny!

xoxo, s


  1. Jackie Terrill says

    I would fill this fun book with portrait sketches (inspired by my kids) as I practice techniques from your character sketch class!

  2. Teri Mitchell says

    I would use this beautiful sketchbook to write inspirational poetry and practice doodling learned from the Layers of Color workshop. :)

  3. Diane Heim says

    I am retiring very soon and want to get back to making fun art! I would use your book for doodle art, sketching in my garden, a find inspirational quotes to add.

  4. says

    Hi Stephanie,
    What a lovely giveaway, encouraging us all to be creative. I definitely know how I’d use the sketchbook. Assuming the paper is best for ink I’d use it for drawings and pencil sketches. I’ve been doing Sketchbook Skool classes and I’m going through sketchbooks so fast, this would be such a great gift to win. Please add my name into the proverbial hat. Thanks Stephanie. Hope you have some relaxing late summer days.

  5. Tiffany Matthews says

    Wow! Let me think…Honestly, it will be filled with a little of everything!! Nature drawings (as school is beginning & that is one topic we will be doing a lot of together), doodling, lists, kids drawings, kids quotes….<3

  6. Sophie Kumar Taylor says

    I have just done my foundation art course and have a place at UNI for fine art! Would live to use this book as my doodle idea book! Xx

  7. Avery Kasper says

    I would fill this sketchbook with a combination of notes, ideas for projects for my HS Art students and random design/whimsical sketches! So fabulous!

  8. Kaz says

    I love the cover of the sketchbook!! I would fill the book with whimsical figures and portraits :)

  9. Joy T. says

    Ohhh… I think I would use it to try my hand at sketching…. I’d love to have some hand drawn portraits of my kids, and a little book with such a pretty cover might be that little jump start to testing the waters…. and I would love to add little statements they make that crack me up to the sketches as well. I’d probably also try my hand at oil pastels as I have a bunch sitting in my closet just waiting for me to DO something with them :P Maybe oil pastel sketches of my kids!

  10. Tarrah says

    Stephanie, such an inspiration to me and my kiddos. I took the online art class and my kids have LOVED the summer doodle art. We would fill the journal as a family with all things whimsical and doodlie and creative. Thank you for the chance to win!

  11. Carol says

    Hmmm… I’d probably do a little bit of everything: capture notes/thoughts, doodle, stuff photos in the pages. My notebooks tend to be a random catch all and their contents a bit eclectic!

  12. Nikki Benedict says

    I would fill the pages with inspirational sayings done in creative lettering. I would also add random doodles & try to advance as an artist.

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