Shrinky Love for Valentine’s Day – a downloadable project

Hi gang!!

i am all about the love….and i like to watch it curl up and shrink inside my oven!

Here is a fun project that will allow your kids to make some Valentine’s Day trinkets with just a little help from a grown-up and a free download from yours truly!

valentine's day shrink projectDid you know you can buy Shrink film for your inkjet printer? It is seriously so much fun. i have a 100 pak in one of my office drawers and whenever Cooper is particularly bored, all i have to do is hand him a sheet to perk him up! Sometimes we go freeform and i merely draw a nice large “boundary” shape for him so he can fill it with color and doodles. The images will shrink to about 1/3 of their size and 9x the thickness when done, so working on a larger scale is necessary…and perfect for even little hands!

You can buy inkjet shrink film in tons of places online. Here is the official Shrinky Dink® brand’s version. Or, if you prefer, you can just buy standard blank sheets and use a lightbox to trace your preferred design onto the translucent film. i’ve had some types that are more translucent than others, and you may not even need a lightbox : )

Anyway, if you’d like to download a nice quality version of my freebie design above for your kids to color, cut and shrink!, just click the image. i’ve designed these with pendants or small keychains in mind and the 1/4″ hole punch will work to thread a jump keyring or ribbon or cord through. These could also be used as bookmarks by threading several strands of yarn through the hole to form a “tassle” just the right length to sit in the spine of a book. The possibilities are endless!!

Have fun creating lots of Shrinky Love!

– if you purchase the shrink film, direction will be included. They are also available online and as a downloadable PDF here. : )



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