Download Thursday! – Coloring Square #1

ColoringSquare1_smIt’s a $5 & BELOW DOWNLOAD!

Every thursday, i’ll be offering a $5 & BELOW download for you guys. It might be a coloring page, or a kids project – who knows!? i just know i want to be able to get everyone’s creative juices flowing!

Don’t worry! There will still be FREEBIES from time to time, but these thursday downloads will give me a chance to offer crazy-cheap artwork on a more regular basis.

The artwork above is sized at 12′ x 12″ and can be re-sized down to suit your printer’s capabilities and size. I’ll be offering these squares frequently so you’ll be able to create a symmetric grouping that you love for that one bare wall in your house you’ve been dying to liven up!

Thanks so much and be sure to share this page with all your crafty friends!


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  1. says

    Stephanie, you rock my world! And I think iron-on graphics would rock that world even more. Would love to see something from your “hair” or “chair” series!

  2. says

    Love this! What about coloring-page iron-ons? (iron on the design, then color it with fabric markers) Or Shrinky-Dinks. Something that my four-year-old and I could do together.

  3. Nicole Bowen says

    I LOVE SHRINKY DINKS!!! But you may have to go a little slower on getting my creative juices flowing. 😉 Share, Discover, Soar, Race is my fave right now.

  4. Felicia says

    You are seriously too cool! How about Fill-in the Blank Party invites or thank you notes for kids to use. I like the idea of shrinky dinks, maybe to make a charm bracelet…like a new downloadable charm every so often. And August is crazy about horses so something with a horse would be fantastic 😉

  5. says

    felicia!! i was totally vibing on the idea of a progressive charm bracelet!! awesome!!! i also think one page at a time of illustrations that your kids can color and caption that will eventually create a complete storybook! great ideas ladies!

  6. JennE says

    Loving all the suggestions here but would also love to see some colouring in graphics that can be used for Greeting Cards e.g. something Flowery to use for Mother’s Day Card. Hmm actually I can probably use this colouring in Square :D. Maybe something for an Easter Card (next weekend) or something fun for birthday card as my kids have lots of birthday parties to attend each year :).

  7. says

    Stephanie, you rock my world:)
    you the girl your so cool!Love this! What about coloring-page Would love to see something from your “hair” or “chair” series!

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