A Year of Doodles – monthly themed drawing tutorials for kids

My first online, kids-geared doodle program, Doodle Days of Summer, was a hit! i have been floored and humbled by the nice feedback you all have sent me! What i thought would just be some fun doodles, ended up being a big confidence builder for kids, and an activity they looked forward to week after week.

So i decided to keep going!

Here are the details for A Year of Doodles!

12 Archived doodle demo videos are accessible, one for each month of the year.  i’ll be offering some visuals and ideas for how you can apply each month’s doodle to actual projects…..teacher gifts, greeting cards, new year noisemakers. There will be a short section at the end of each tutorial that suggests some ways to put your doodles to use as a professional artist might!


Think; hearts in February, stars and stripes in July. Kids can use their doodles to make holiday cards, crafts, and decorations if they like. i will share ideas at the end of each video. : )

– Videos include a super fast-warp speed section showing me creating the doodle start to finish by hand. + a slower, step by step section

– Videos will be hosted on my Vimeo page online. When you register, you will receive a link to the group page and the password for the videos. Videos run about 25 minutes.

-You will have UNLIMITED! access to all videos. So feel free to use the tutorials at your own pace, on your own schedule.

-$20 per individual household/family

****Please note: if you are a camp administrator, scout leader, or teacher and would like to purchase for your group of 6 or more children, please contact me for group pricing. i am happy to provide it!

Feel free to register at any time and just start with whatever month is relevant.

Here’s a little teaser video i had created for the first Doodle Series that shows  a portion of what the tutorials will be like. Take a look to gauge whether the program will be appropriate for your little artist. FYI – Beta testing provided by my 8 year old son was a success! : ) Full length videos will feature the warp speed drawing section with upbeat music, PLUS the slowed down tutorial screen capture section with voice-over as i move through each step. Click the image below to view the video example on Vimeo.

Register Now! $20.00USD  United States Residents ONLY please.

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This is the summer of workshops, i suppose!

i recently wrapped up my very first online painting workshop, called Layers of Color. That was intense! And registration is now open for a fun kids Doodle Days series this summer. These have prompted quite a few requests for a character drawing workshop to come next. So here it is!

i LOVE drawing characters and it is absolutely my go-to art form when i’m sitting on the couch or waiting in the car while one of the kiddos finishes a “car nap.” Faces are just the best inspiration out there…and if i’m being really specific, KIDS’ faces. The wide eyes, lashes, and button noses with a sprinkle of freckles? They kill me : )

So in this series, i’ll be showing you through words, step-by-step images, and a few fun speed-drawing videos, how i build a character. You’ll be seeing me create in pencil, in my own sketchy style. Scan through my instagram page for all the faces and character sketches i post. It’s not an anatomical figure drawing class, folks! : ) It’s pretty loose and whimsical. You’ll be seeing characters like these come to life…

There will be 10 lessons. Each lesson will include pencil-drawn character sketches whose completion will highlight a certain “focus.” For example, i will draw a cute mother and daughter duo to highlight the differences in proportion between adult and child figures. In another lesson, i’ll draw a few precocious children to highlight how to achieve different facial expressions. There will also be a lesson focused on drawing hands,  feet, and hair. Those are always toughies that people ask about.

There will be a touch of whimsy in a few of the lessons where i’ll draw an animal character, a fairy, and a little monster. And a useful lesson is included on how you can draw a character whose face is loosely based on a photo.

Finally,  i’ll include a little insight on developing your own unique style as you go.

STRUCTURE: This workshop is being offered via a password-protected page on my website.

It is self-paced. Work your way through the lessons in whatever time-frame you like.

ACCESS to the Classroom Page and associated videos is UNLIMITED. Once you are registered, you can always come back and login

Register Now!  United State Residents ONLY please.

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Cost: $30

My First Online Workshop!

Hey gang! So here are the deets on Layers of Color Workshop. i’m giving a pretty detailed summary because i really want folks to know what they’re getting and be able to make an informed decision. i get a lot of requests for me to teach how i work, so that’s what i’ll be doing here. (Don’t be surprised if you hear snippets of NCIS in the background during the videos – just kidding!) If you are looking for a formal painting class to teach traditional methods, this class is not for you. But if you want to get a sneak peek into my process and learn how you can follow along making layered artworks full of color and texture, you’re in the right place.

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 8.48.39 PM


LAYERS OF COLOR – An Online Painting Workshop!
* This workshop is just that…a fun, informal, information-packed series of written blog posts, step-by-step photos, and demo videos. I will share my own personal methods for layering color and creating vibrant artworks. Get familiar with my style before signing on to be sure this is what you’d like to learn. I will share my personal favorite supplies, techniques and ideas. The workshop is not meant to take the place of formal art classes.

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 11.29.08 AM

Skill-level: Beginner

Materials: (material costs are not included)
basics: water color paper, stretched, pre-primed canvas, watercolor paints, acrylic paints, white gouache, pencils, markers, pens, paintbrushes, kosher salt, crayons, masking tape, squirt bottle, paper towel, paper plates
extras: liquid watercolors, gouache paints, liquid fabric dyes, paper palette

*addendum: while there is no rigid materials list, here are some good specific starter suggestions:Strathmore Hot Press Watercolor Paper/ Talens Angora watercolor pan set/ #6 round brush and a teeny detail brush/ Cheapie Artists Loft or other store brand 12×12″ canvases in a multi-pak/starter set of small fluid acrylics Blick Brand or comparable student grade/ .5″ filbert brush/liner brush/ #6 round brush….or maybe just a multi-pak set for acrylics
paper towels, cleaned out glass spaghetti sauce jar for water/ paper plate for a palette or paper palette pad from art store

** you can read about ALL my favorite materials here.


Class Schedule: Divided by weeks/days, but self-paced class so you can follow along at any speed that is comfortable for you. : )
5 Weeks of full lessons and a final week of daily challenges and inspirations
Monday: Main Topic posts with written lessons, photos and a demo video
Tuesday-Friday:  Mini-posts and prompts to spark creativity to guide participants experimentation with each week’s lesson.


This workshop is being offered via a password-protected page on my website with participants encouraged to share their work via a Flickr Group as well if they choose.
Includes Main Topic weekly posts for 5 weeks which will each include a demo video + lots of photos and written instruction. Includes short, mini-posts each Tues-Friday to spark creativity, and implementation of the main lesson. This will help to keep you painting and experimenting throughout the 6 weeks. Painting every single day is the “not-so-secret” secret!

ACCESS to the Classroom Page and videos is UNLIMITED. Once you are registered, you can always come back and login

Basically, i will share my own process and what works for me after lots of years doing it. this will not be an “art school-follow-the-rules” kind of class. Textbook techniques are not on the syllabus, although you will hear plenty of basics about the different media, how to care for your tools, a lil color theory and the like.

Week 1: Intro & Favorite Supplies,
plus Lesson 1/ Watercolor Basics

Week 2: Acrylic Basics

Week 3: Layering every which way

Week 4: Doodling + Illustration Overlays

Week 5: Color it in!

Week 6: Theme-A-Day + Workshop Review


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Cost: $65