Show Your Colors

Working with Deny Designs, a curated print-on-demand site that creates countless housewares and more using a huge range of art from makers around the world,  these past few years has been a wonderful experience. They are kind people. They continually push their business and brand forward and try new things. They care about their artists. LOVE THEM!

Corfee-DenyColorPaletteADI’ve recently added some new work to my gallery on their site and am super excited about the resulting products. I’ll share some favorites with you over the next few weeks. The artwork above, “Color Palette”, is from a painting i made for my own home. It reminds me of a paintbox, has a totally imperfect, brushstroke-y vibe, and mixes bright colors with more muted, sophisticated tones. It’s the perfect cheaters way to tie a room together while making it feel a bit artsy at the same time. Check it out on table linens, coffee mugs, cell phone cases, duvets, shower curtains and more by clicking here.

And if you want to see all my designs offered across the Deny Designs product line, just click here.

Have a good one. : )

need it on my wall – mary ann wakeley


i’ve been following A Creative Life, Mary Ann Wakeley’s blog, for about a year now. She is one PA artist who inspires me to no end. She achieves what i aspire to. She balances texture & complexity of composition with vivid color. She makes subtle, calm colors play nicely with wild, raw ones in such a way as to elevate BOTH. Her forms are organic and bold, but share space with very delicate lines and miniscule details as well. She makes artwork i’d WANT to look at day after day, because there is always something new to see, some subtlely i hadn’t yet noticed. This piece is called “feminine + universe.” Oh how i’d love to have it on my wall!

OH! and she’s got an etsy shop here!

need it on my wall – a necklace?

Beer Bottlecap Necklace

This necklace, made of vintage beer bottlecaps and chandelier crystals, is mesmerizing to me. It’s so over the top, that i’m not sure my personality is big enough to carry it off. Aptly, the etsian who created it, goes by the seller name, Over the Top. The items in the shop definitely suit the name.

So, while i fear i lack the swagger this necklace might demand of its wearer, it makes me smile everytime i look at it! i’m not a big beer drinker, but i adore the design and color combo of the bottlecaps. i’m not usually a big statement necklace kinda gal, but i love the playfulness and in-your-face “I’m bringing my own good time!” attitude it gives. The color palette is gorgeous and the overall design/scale/composition is just so good! And since i generally try to live without fear when it comes to fashion, i’d be a sissy to shy away from a piece just because it’s bold, right? Rule #1:  If something makes me smile, i wear it. Naysayers can zip the lip. : )

So yeah…i think i’d rock this to a bowling party with some old tattered jeans and a tee shirt. But then i’d come home and pin it up into an ornate, yellow glossy frame, lined with linen just the color of this mannequin in the pic, so it could be on display on my wall when it wasn’t around my neck. Mad props to Over the Top for pushing the limits and making me push mine!

Need it on My Wall


i suppose this piece has made the rounds on blogs? Because i found it on Share Some Candy and am eternally grateful! I Need it on My Wall!!!, but i can’t seem to find where to purchase!? i’ve written the artist, aphte. No reply yet, but i am hopeful. This piece just speaks to me! The crazy color, silly characters and vintage appeal of the old-school botanical drawings on parchement is just such a wonderful, heady combination! So since the piece and artist are elusive….i’ll just have to settle, for now, to have the loveliness grace my blog wall and not my office one. Aphte, if you’re reading this – call me! ; ) – signed, the (newly self-proclaimed) president of your fan club