For All the Brave Ones


My sweet friend, Amy, asked me if i had a coloring page i could share for her child’s class service project. They are making “BE BRAVE” craft/coloring folders for Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, in honor of their classmate. i was happy to make one, of course. And then thought…… it’d be even better if i shared it with my whole community. There are too many brave kids fighting cancer. i realize life isn’t fair…..but it just seems unbearably wrong.

If you know a little brave heart who is fighting this battle….or any child who might find strength or hope in this message right now, please help yourself. Just click the image for your download.

much love, s

Kittie Kat Stuffie | A FREE Printable

Here’s a fun little craft project to do with your kiddos. A quick Kittie Kat stuffie they can color and help you stuff. Older kids might even be able to help with the sewing. I’ve made a printable PDF download for you all. You have a few options:

1) print onto inkjet compatible, paper-backed cotton or canvas. You can get this at some craft stores or online. Dharma Trading Co. has some here.

2) print the download onto iron-on transfer paper. You can also get that at Dharma Trading Co. here.

3) print out onto regular paper and use a lightbox and fabric markers to trace the design onto your fabric.

I printed onto inkjet compatible cotton canvas. Then got situated with my trusty fabric markers and some fabric dyes for the larger areas so i could paint them in a bit quicker.

Here’s a detail of the fabric texture. (Click the image to see it larger on your screen)

And here’s how she looked all color-i-fied.

Then i cut out the kittie leaving about 5/8″ of the fabric all around.

I used this piece as a template to cut a piece of fabric for the back of the kittie. I just used some woven, fun fabric from my stash. You don’t need much. I pinned the 2 pieces with right sides together.

Next, I stitiched a 5/8″ seam all around. The fabric marker bled through, so it gave me a good guide as far as staying very close to the black outline of the kittie. I backstitched on either side of an approximately 4″ gap at the base of the kittie. This will be the hole for turning and stuffing. Before turning, i trimmed close to my stitching line and added some notches around curves to make the turned shape lie smoothly. You might want to add a 2nd row of stitching very close to your first row if this little stuffie is likely to get a lot of wear.

Next, I turned and pressed the stuffie so she looked like this.

Then stuffed her with fiber fill and hand-stitched the opening shut. I instagrammed her keeping me company at my desk, see?

She might need some sequins…..but that’s for another day. : )

Oh! and see her cute back?

Click the image below for your PDF download if you want to make a few of your own! Meow!


Jumble of Catch Up!

Howdy strangers! Sorry i’ve been away. i’ve been seeing a lot of facebook lately. i think we’re in a co-dependent relationship. (Its just so easy and immediate!)  It’s been causing me to neglect my blog. Well, that and the fact i forgot how to login to my admin panel after having my entire hard drive replaced on my computer a few weeks back. i’ll admit, i abused the browser’s auto-fill-in feature and each time i’d go to login with the admin URL, i’d just click on the one that auto-filled. Pathetic, i know. It’s like forgetting your own cell phone number because YOU never dial it. duh.

ANYWAY! Here is some colorful catchup for you all. Just some pretties that have churned out since last post.

{above: completed 36×36 acrylic painting titled “Free Spirit” – donated to The Please Touch Museum for their annual Great Friends to Kids event and auction. Paper prints available in my etsy shop.}

Illustration of my favorite Christmas Tradition for The Sandbucket Magazine

Custom Commissioned Wine Cask for a client whose husband is building them a wine cellar.

Tee Shirt Design to benefit The Gold Hope Project

Free Downloadable Art Kit Label as part of a collaboration with Lil Blue Boo. Be sure to check out the labels i shared with LBB for the ART JOURNAL KIT too!

A christmas-i-fied version of one of my popular custom Fashionista illustrations for kids : ) Fashionistas are so much fun. Find the listing in my etsy shop!

Art-in-Miniature bracelets! Fun little accessories i made with some jewelry blanks and teeny print of my favorite art pieces from this year!

Paillets Christmas ornament. dozens of tiny circles punched out of my art prints are decoupaged to this one-of-a-kind ornament for your tree.

Art Everyday Desk Calendar. 12 little prints that can be framed on their own once the year is through. Available here.

One of dozens of my handmade holiday ornaments. Currently sold out, but the last small-quantity batch will list to my etsy shop monday, 12/10/12 at 12 noon est.

Last, but not least; homemade christmas ornaments for my own family. These are cut from heavy mat board and wrapped with variegated, knotted yarn. The initial far right is for our new addition coming Spring 2013!

Lovin this time of year ya’ll!! -xo

A Printable to Color this Easter!

In addition to candy and treats, i always like to put a story book and maybe some crayola markers into my son’s Easter basket. SO here’s a nice little extra that goes perfectly with both; some coloring bookmarks for boys and girls. Just CLick the image for the FREE download and print to a piece of white cardstock. Your kids can color and cut out the bookmarks to keep or give to a friend.

Happy Easter!

Valentines Treats for my Sweets!

Hi everyone! i sat myself down at the computer last night and drew up a bunch of lovey dovey goodies for you in time for Valentine’s Day. First, I’ve got 4 valentine cards that your kiddos (or you!) can give out to friends. You know you wanna! Second, i made some lovable graphics suitable for making iron-on transfers for tees. Take a look! The girly transfer says “You know you love me!” and the unisex one says “leavin a trail of…” with a broken heart graphic. The broken heart comes in a red-on-red color palette(not shown) and a red-on-black color palette.

Everything is bundled in a 2-page PDF download.

The cards are oh-so convenient to print on a standard, letter-size piece of cardstock. Cut the page in quarters and you’re done! OR, add some glitter and marker pizzazz if you like.  The 2nd page graphics are great for iron-on transfers so you can channel your inner Cupid. But they could also be used for stickers, posters, placemats, whatever! 

If you go with the iron-on transfer plan, i highly recommend Dharma Trading’s Super Soft Transfer Paper. It doesn’t give that thick plastic feeling. Just make sure to choose the “print mirror image” option in your printer driver when you print off the transfers, that way the image will be right-reading after its flipped and ironed on.

Happy Valentine’s Day!! – xo, stephanie

Valentine’s Day Cards and Graphics – $5 instant download
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Color-able Holiday Cards – a $1 download

Just in time for the holidays! Here is a super-simple printable that just uses plain old letter size cardstock. Each print, cut down the middle, creates 2, A2 sized greeting cards that you or your kids can color for teachers, friends and family. The perfect festive craft to keep the kids busy for a while this holiday season. And an easy fix for those a-ha moments when you’ve forgotten a card and have no time to dash out to the store.

Here’s what it looks like:

Your download is immediately available upon purchase! Happy Holidays!



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Look Ma! i made it myself!


Just in time for the holiday, why not let your kiddos make their own tee, or sleepwear with a festive flair.

-Just click the image below to start your free download.

-Flip the file so the text is a mirror image that will print correctly when ironed on. Use Dharma Trading’s Super Soft Transfer Paper for awesome results.

-Arrange the tree and one of the 4 phrases provided for under the tree onto your shirt or nightie or whatever! Maybe even a holiday shopping tote!

-Iron it on baby! Then let the kiddos color it with fabric markers.

Too, too cute and full of holiday cheer.

Hope you enjoy! -xo, stephanie

…and if you would like a “pre-flipped” image to make it even easier, just click here.

$5 and BELOW – Charm Bracelet Collection #1


Last week i asked for comments and ideas for printable downloads and so many of you came through big time! One reader named Felicia suggested shrink film charms to make a child’s charm bracelet. It was such a great idea, i actually couldn’t wait to get started with my first color-able collection! i’m thinking i’ll create 6 collections in all and post them sporadically over the next few months. That way, you can add to your bracelet little by little.

You can buy inkjet shrink film in 8×10 sheets in tons of places online and then just print the graphic directly onto it. Here is the official Shrinky Dink® brand’s version.

Or, if you prefer, you can just buy standard 8×10 blank sheets (not inkjet compatible) and use a lightbox to trace the charm designs onto the translucent film. i’ve had some types that are more translucent than others, and you may not even need a lightbox : )

i’ve designed these for use as bracelet charms to collect, swap and share. The 3.5″ starting size of each graphic will shrink down to about 1/3 its size creating a 1″ charm. A  1/4″ hole punch (used BEFORE baking) will shrink down to the perfect size to thread a jump ring, ribbon or cord through. The possibilities are endless!!

So have fun creating lots of Shrinky Love and please post photos of your creations on my Facebook page.


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– if you purchase the shrink film, directions will be included. Directions are also readily available online and as a downloadable PDF here. : )