$5 and BELOW – Charm Bracelet Collection #1


Last week i asked for comments and ideas for printable downloads and so many of you came through big time! One reader named Felicia suggested shrink film charms to make a child’s charm bracelet. It was such a great idea, i actually couldn’t wait to get started with my first color-able collection! i’m thinking i’ll create 6 collections in all and post them sporadically over the next few months. That way, you can add to your bracelet little by little.

You can buy inkjet shrink film in 8×10 sheets in tons of places online and then just print the graphic directly onto it. Here is the official Shrinky Dink® brand’s version.

Or, if you prefer, you can just buy standard 8×10 blank sheets (not inkjet compatible) and use a lightbox to trace the charm designs onto the translucent film. i’ve had some types that are more translucent than others, and you may not even need a lightbox : )

i’ve designed these for use as bracelet charms to collect, swap and share. The 3.5″ starting size of each graphic will shrink down to about 1/3 its size creating a 1″ charm. A  1/4″ hole punch (used BEFORE baking) will shrink down to the perfect size to thread a jump ring, ribbon or cord through. The possibilities are endless!!

So have fun creating lots of Shrinky Love and please post photos of your creations on my Facebook page.


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– if you purchase the shrink film, directions will be included. Directions are also readily available online and as a downloadable PDF here. : )

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